Countries with the lowest corporate tax rates

Countries with the lowest corporate tax rates

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Lowest corporate tax rates.

Countries with the lowest corporate tax ratesLowest corporate tax rates

One of the main purposes of setting up your own business is to generate a healthy inflow of income. Any business owner will look into ways to increase their revenue and decrease the costs. Naturally, taxes are one of the areas he/she would be concerned with the most. Offshore jurisdictions provide a perfect solution for businessmen and entrepreneurs to make huge savings by enabling them to pay lower taxes. So what countries offer the lowest corporate tax rates?

Cayman Islands, Bermuda, United Arab Emirates, The Bahamas, Marshall Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, Bahrain, British Virgin Islands, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Vanuatu are “offshore heavens” where corporations do not have to pay tax on their income. Businesses registered in those offshore jurisdictions are able to generate huge savings in taxes.

Countries with the lowest corporate tax ratesThe European Union countries that offer competitive tax rates include:

  • Hungary (9%)
  • Bulgaria (10%,)
  • Ireland (12.5%,)
  • Latvia and Lithuania (15%)
  • Romania (16%)

Countries with the lowest corporate tax ratesAnother question is- what countries put their resident business owners at the disadvantage in terms of taxes? Here is the list of some countries that charge one of the highest corporate tax rates:

  • Belgium (33.99%)
  • France (33.33%)
  • Germany (29.55%)
  • Japan (38.01%)

Countries with the lowest corporate tax ratesFrom the above lists it is clear that registering your company offshore can bring significant benefits to your company. Apart from large savings, registering a new business offshore will maintain your confidentiality and will open up further options on developing your business opportunities.


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