Offshore Banks.

Bank Account Opening Service Fee: From 250 GBP

Offshore BanksOffshore banking is the best option for the protection of your assets

We assist our clients to establish offshore and International bank accounts in many different countries, and provide high level of protection as well as privacy.

Choose any offshore bank below or give us your own preferred bank for your business and we will arrange everything to make your business activities commence.

Our qualified lawyers have the appropriate experience to help you with your banking requirements.

Offshore BanksWhat are the benefits of having an international bank account?

There are many advantages to opening an international bank account

  • Safe and secure global access to your money 24/7
  • Quick and easy transfers in multiple currencies gives you greater flexibility over your finances
  • Simple and convenient to operate and offers one central location for all your banking requirements
  • Unlimited access to foreign exchange
  • Provides security against exchange rate fluctuations
  • Grow and protect your money in a stable offshore jurisdiction
  • Confidential service wherever you are in the world.

We advise you on the most appropriate banking and business solutions for your specific needs.

The best offshore banking opportunities for your business and investtment

Bank account is facilitated and setup in the strictest confidence and securities.

Our team of consultants are on hand to find out about your specific requirements and take you through the process from start to finish.