How to set up an offshore trust

How to set up an offshore trust

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Set up an offshore trust.

How to set up an offshore trustSet up an offshore trust

In today’s blog we will look at a very common question among businessmen: how to set up an offshore trust. You can recap on what an offshore trust is by clicking on the link. Conditions for creation of an offshore trust will depend on the requirements of different offshore countries. When choosing the most appropriate jurisdiction it is required, first of all, to check whether the trust legislation is operating in that country.

If the trust laws are recognised in the given jurisdiction it is then important to analyse the degree of confidentiality, as well as to see if the conditions in the given jurisdiction meet individual customer requirements.

An offshore trust can be created by means of either an oral statement or a written document. Although it is not necessary to provide a written document, however, when establishing a trust in another jurisdiction it is always safer a to have a written copy.

How to set up an offshore trust

The next step would be to provide information on persons related to the offshore trust. These include the founder, trustee, beneficiary and the guarantor of the trust. To confirm the identity of these persons in the process of creation of an offshore trust will need a notarized copy of the passport, original certificate, proof of address of residence, as well as a recommendation letter from the bank.

It is important to make sure that all the legal obligations and requirements for setting up an offshore trust are fulfilled.

How to set up an offshore trustOur services for registration of offshore trusts include:

Set up an offshore trust. Registration of an offshore trust in the state register, preparation of a trust agreement, services trustee (legal entity); confidentiality of information and documents provided by our company in the registration or maintenance of an offshore trust. You can select and order the registration of offshore trust separately or in conjunction with an offshore company IBC or LLC.


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