Vanuatu Forex License

Vanuatu Investment VehiclesFX brokerage services are regulated by the Financial Dealers License Act [CAP 70] effective from 16 June 2017. We assume would be trading using a Vanuatu entity, but not in Vanuatu, in this case a Vanuatu international company would be appropriate entity (it cannot conduct business in Vanuatu)

An application can be made for a Financial Dealers License under this act by a Vanuatu international company or by an individual, who is a Director / Officer of the company.

An application for a Principal’s Licence takes approximately 10 days to 2 weeks to process. The licence is renewable annually by completing an application again and paying the yearly fee.

More information and the quotation you can obtain from BRIS GROUP professional advisers.

Vanuatu LTD Formation Requirements

and General Obligation for Financial Dealers License