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Incorporation fees:

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Unbeatable price for all company registration!

Possibility to pay 50% in advance and 50% after the registration.



Vanuatu Company - Confidentiality and Security

  • Publicly Accessible Records: No public register of company officers (Directors, Shareholders, Secretary)
  • Nominee Shareholders and Nominee Directors: Yes, Allowed
  • Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership to Authorities: No
  • Meetings of Directors and Shareholders to be held: Anywhere
  • Stability: Stable jurisdiction and exceptionally good reputation. 

Vanuatu Company - Financial Advantages

  • Taxation: No taxes
  • Double Taxation Treaty Access: Treaty Access (some countries)
  • Account Filing Requirements: No accounting / reporting requirements
  • Annual Return Filing Requirements: No annual return/ reporting requirements
  • Audit Requirements: No audit required.  

Vanuatu Company - Requirements

  • Share Capital: Standard authorised share capital US$10,000.
  • Classes of Share Available: Shares with or without voting rights, redeemable shares,  registered shares, preference shares, shares of no par value
  • Bearer Shares: Not Allowed
  • Registered Office Required: Yes required and must be maintained in Vanuatu
  • Shareholders: Minimum number is one
  • Directors: Minimum number is one.  Can be any nationality and need not be resident in Vanuatu. Corporate directors are allowed.
  • Your Company language: English
  • Name of your Company must be ended: “Corporation”/ Corp., “Limited”/Ltd, “Incorporated”/Inc.,, “Societe Anonyme”/S.A., “Sociedad Anonima”,
  • Documents required for the registration: A certified copy of your passport or ID and proof of your residential address dated less than 3 months. 

Vanuatu Company - Restriction

  • You cannot use words in your company names without justification: “Bank”, “Trustee Company”, “Assurance”, “Building Society”,  “Trust Company”, “Royal” etc.
  • Restrictions on Trading: Not permitted to trade within Vanuatu
  • Not permitted without a licence: Fund management, insurance,  Banking, reinsurance, assurance,  trust management, collective investment schemes, trusteeship business provision.

Vanuatu Business Legislation

  • Vanuatu Trusts: formed under UK legislation that applies directly in Vanuatu, including the Trustee Act 1925
  • Vanuatu Exempted Company: exempt from public disclosure requirements if do not conduct business in Vanuatu or offer shares to the public or own interests in non-exempt companies in Vanuatu.
  • Vanuatu Banking Law: Banking Act Cap 73. 

All types of Vanuatu Companies

  • Company Types:
  1. Vanuatu Exempted Company
  2. Vanuatu Overseas Company (must appoint 2 Vanuatu residents who can accept notices on behalf of the company, must file annual return as well as audited accounts.)
  3. Vanuatu International Company
  4. Vanuatu (local) Limited company (must have 2 directors 1 must be resident in Vanuatu)
  5. Vanuatu General Partnership (must have a license under Business License Act)
  6. Vanuatu Limited Partnership (1 general partner and 1 limited partner)
  7. Vanuatu Trusts
  • Offshore Business Sectors
  1. Vanuatu Trust Management
  2. Vanuatu Insurance
  3. Vanuatu Banking
  4. Vanuatu Ship Management and Maritime operations
  5. Vanuatu E-gaming Solutions. 

Support and Administration Services for Vanuatu Company

  • Business licences registration
  • Nominee directors, nominee shareholders, nominee members (Vanuatu residents)
  • Virtual offices, secretarial services, telephone number in Vanuatu
  • Accountancy, submission of report to local authority and legal services,
  • Advice on compliance with all the Vanuatu regulatory and statutory requirements,
  • Bank introductions, corporate account opening service,
  • Merchant account services, online payment services,
  • Ready - made company in Vanuatu,
  • Website developing (hosting, domain) 

About Vanuatu

  • Capital: Pota Vila
  • Region: Vanuatu is a group of islands which are in the shape of a Y, located in the South Pacific Ocean
  • Political System: Parliamentary
  • Government: Republic
  • Governing corporate legislation: The Companies Act (Cap 191), The International Companies Act 1992 (No. 32)
  • Type of Law: Common
  • Currency: Vanuatu vatu (VUV)
  • Exchange Control: None
  • Language of Legislation and Corporate Documents: English
  • Time zone: GMT+11
  • Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA): Australia, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Greenland, Grenada, Iceland, Ireland, Korea (Republic of), New Zealand, Norway, San Marino, Sweden.

Vanuatu Company

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