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Business Registration Incorporation Services is a member of the B.R.I.S Group, the leading international incorporation services group that serves clients in more than 50 countries. Our team has a long history of supporting small businesses trading internationally. We provide a wide range of offshore incorporation services to a diverse range of businesses and private individuals. Our main areas of practice are company incorporation, business immigration, opening business bank accounts, accountancy service and more.

We offer offshore incorporation services to anyone who wants to register a company and run an offshore business in any offshore country.

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Why choose B.R.I.S Group

Experienced & Professional

Our team has many years of experience in offshore company registration and offshore bank account opening and we are proud to say that many of our clients not only praise but also recommend our service to others.

Client Focused Goals

Our main goal is to provide our clients, such as businesses, private individuals and families, information and further direction on significant benefits and advantages an offshore formation can bring to their businesses. We register offshore companies, offshore trusts and other structures to satisfy the specific objectives to the benefits of our clients.

100% Confidential

We treat our clients with respect, high quality of service and uphold confidentiality standards at all times. Maintaining confidentiality is important for us to build and sustain trust and also to ensure we develop an open and honest communication between us and our clients.

High Standard Service

We will promise and guarantee to provide each and every client with professional and high standard of service and ensure that we develop a strong relationship built on mutual trust and consideration in order to enable an effective and speedy process.

Our work

Our professionals will give you:

  • Free advice on corporate tax planning that will enable you to determine the most efficient tax structure for your business to minimise your corporate liabilities
  • Advice on compliance and risk assessment will help you in redesigning the relevant policies, procedures and controls in accordance with regulatory requirements to ensure that appropriate actions are taken and effective internal controls are in place

The principles of our work are: 

  • We are always available for you
  • You can contact our specialists for any related questions about offshore services at any time
  • Obligatory point of our agreement is a complete confidentiality regarding all information about you and the activities of your company
  • You will be kept well-informed of changes in legislation, which could influence the activity of your business

We just keep getting better

Expedited Services 99%
Satisfied Clients 99%
Personal Attention 100%
Confidentiality and Security 100%
Excellent customer services 100%

Support in achieving goals

Our clients can rely on us to help keep their short term as well as long term goals on the right path and still be able to respond to small or big challenges or needs accordingly.

Participation of professionals

Our clients have the liberty to embrace financial decisions that engage the managers and the employees towards a successful journey of financial happiness for your business.


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