Canada Company Formation

Canada Company Formation
  • Stable jurisdiction & great reputation
  • Time of Canada company formation takes 5 days
  • Personal presence not required

Tax Rates in Canada

Corporation Tax in Canada: The basic rate of Part I tax is 38% of your taxable income, 28% after federal tax abatement. After the general tax reduction, the net tax rate is 15%. For Canadian-controlled private corporations claiming the small business deduction, the net tax rate is 10%

Income Tax in Canadas: Marginal tax rate for dividends is a % of actual dividends received (not grossed-up taxable amount). Gross-up rate for eligible dividends is 38%, and for non-eligible dividends is 15% in 2019

VAT Tax in Canada: VAT/GST at the rate of 5 % -plus the Provincial Sales Tax of about 8 % in most provinces/territories  (HST) of about 13 %.

About Canada

Country: Canada

Capital: Ottowa

Continent: North America

Language: English, French

Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Time Zones: GMT -5

Dial Code: +1 613

Abbreviations: CA, CAN

What we can do for your Canadian Company

  • We do all paperwork on forming the company in Canada
  • Formation is completely remote
  • Can act as Secretary or Treasury
  • Provide nominee Directors/Shareholders
  • Assist with opening a bank account
  • Registration for Taxes, VAT & EORI
  • Develop a website for your business
  • Create a logo of your brand
  • Provide with full company administration services
  • Arrange a mailing address for your business
  • Arrange a virtual office for your company
  • Telephone answering service
  • Book keeping, audit & reporting
  • Preparing and submitting VAT return
  • Dealing with local authority
  • Trademark registration

Canada Company Formation. Canada Ontario Corporation.

Main Characteristics and the basic rules of Company registration in Canada.

Is there any plan in your mind to expand business operations to a country near the USA? If it is so, consider taking your venture to Canadian shores. Canada offers a positive environment for business setup or expansion for companies hailing from the USA and EU. The NAFTA is a big factor why Canada is being regarded as an ideal business destination by many entrepreneurs as well. So, in case you are looking for a company that offers professional Canada Company Formation service, you don’t have to look any farther. BRIS Group has skilled specialists who are well versed with different aspects of Canada Company Formation, so you would not have to deal with any problem.

The proximity to the USA and the scope to explore the market makes Canada ideal for companies seeking expansion. The running cost for venture is lower in Canada compared to the USA, studies have indicated. It is among the top countries which are deemed ideal for foreign direct investment and international business.

When you think of taking your venture operations to a faraway country, analyzing economy of the country becomes important. In this regard, business expanding to Canadian shores can grow better. As per the latest estimate of the IMF, the economy of Canada may grow in 2018 at rate of 2.3 per cent. This is better than its previous forecast. This should be more than good news for entrepreneurs thinking of doing business in the country.

You also have to think of the fact Canada has a stable banking system in place. The World Economic Forum is of the view Canadian banks are among the most stables ones in the global perspective. The highly-skilled work force in Canada is also useful for any business starting or expanding operations. To top it all, the Canadian government offers advantages to companies venturing into the country. You may get tax incentives in some niches. The intellectual-property rights laws are also there.

You should explore the website of Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, if taking the business to the country is on your agenda. It will be enough to understand that the Govt encourages foreign investment. You can in fact find details on laws and facilities in each province of Canada for the same and pick a location accordingly. You can in fact taste success in various businesses in Canada including IT peripherals, media, publication, medicine, healthcare, tourism etc.

Despite the various advantages of doing business in Canada and favorable factors, you will require assistance of experts for resolving legal issues pertaining to Canada Company Formation and learning about taxation. In this regard, you can count on the BRIS group totally. Our Canada Company Formation service will make setting up business in Canada smoother than you imagine. Contact us soon for more information.

Canada Company FormationFinancial Advantages
Taxation:Yes, 11-16.5%. (More details about tax rate please see below)
Double Taxation Treaty Access:Yes, Canada has tax treaties with other countries to foster cooperation between Canada and other international tax authorities.
Canada Tax Information Exchange Agreements:Yes, Canada signed Exchange Agreements
Account Filing Requirements:Yes accounting / reporting requirements
Annual Return Filing Requirements:No annual return/ reporting requirements
Audit Requirements:No audit required.


Provincial and territorial lower and higher tax rates not including Quebec and Alberta
Province or territoryLower rateHigher rate
Newfoundland and Labrador3%15%
Nova Scotia3%16%
New Brunswick3%14%
Prince Edward Island4.5%16%
British Columbia2%12%
Canada Company FormationRegistration Requirements
Share Capital:CAD 10,000. Minimum paid up share capital: CAD 1
Classes of Share Available for Canada company formation:Shares with or without voting rights, redeemable shares, registered shares, preference shares, shares of no par value.
Bearer Shares:Not Allowed
Registered Office Required:Yes, required and must be maintained in Canada
Shareholders:Minimum number is one
Directors:Minimum number is one. Can be any nationality but at least 1 must be resident of Canada. Corporate directors are allowed.
Shareholders:Minimum number is one.
Your Company language:English
Name of your Company must be ended:“Corporation”/ Corp., “Limited”/Ltd, “Incorporated”/Inc., “Limitée”/Ltée, “Société par actions de régime fédéral”/S.A.R.F., “Incorprée”
Documents required for Canada company formation:A certified copy of your passport or ID and proof of your residential address dated less than 3 months.
Canada Company FormationRestrictions
For Canada company formation you cannot use words in your company names without justification:“Bank”, “Trustee Company”, “Assurance”, “Building Society”, ”Trust Company”, “Royal” etc.
Restrictions on Trading:None
Not permitted without a licence:Fund management, insurance, Banking, reinsurance, assurance, trust management, collective investment schemes, trusteeship business provision.
Canada Company FormationConfidentiality and Security
Publicly Accessible Records:Yes, accessible.
Nominee Shareholders and Nominee Directors:Yes, Allowed
Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership to Authorities:No
Meetings of Directors and Shareholders to be held:Anywhere
Stability:Stable jurisdiction and great reputation.
About CanadaCanada Company formation
Capital city:Ottawa
Region:The Great Canadian Shield is the largest of Canada’s 6 physical regions and includes the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador.
Political System:Parliamentary Democracy
Government:Constitutional Monarchy
Governing corporate legislation:The Companies Acts 1931 to 1993. Limited Liability Companies Act 1996. Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA)
Type of Law:Common
Type of company:International Business Company (IBC)
Currency:Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Exchange Control:None.
Language of Legislation and Corporate Documents:English.
Time Zone:GMT-5.
  • Use of a name across Canada
  • Registered office location anywhere in Canada
  • Recognition as a Canadian entity.
  • A corporation has an unlimited life span.
  • Ownership of the business entity is transferable
  • Incorporated businesses can sell shares and equity to drive growth.
  • Taxation. Corporations can benefit from Canada’s small business deduction (16% on the first $200,000 of taxable income).

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