Shelf Companies (Ready-Made Companies)

We have shelf companies registered in BVI, Seychelles, Belize, Gibraltar, Delaware, Marshall Islands, UK, Nevis, Hong Kong, Singapore, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Dominica, Cyprus, Cayman Islands, Malta, Saint Vincent, Scotland, Ireland and some other countries.

Companies For Immediate Use

All our companies are ready for sale and for immediate use.

Companies With Good Standing

All Ready Made Companies are pre-registered companies with good standing.

Name of the Copany is Changable

The name can easily be changed to a name of your own choice.

Benefits of Ready-Made Companies


A shelf company (ready-made companies) are a business that for the most part has already been registered and established as an entities which have all documents available off the shelf for your business needs, with a small matter to change ownership. Supposedly all you have to do is buy it, change the directors names and you’re done.

 You also have the option to purchase the shelf company with our nominee services (director/shareholder) for added confidentially and security.

 This service provides you easy, quick and smooth transactions. The set of company documents will be dispatched as soon as your payment has been confirmed.

 The benefits you can gain from purchasing a shelf company would be ease of process and time, creation of history and company standing which can in turn aid the business image.

 A ready-made company can be useful as some jurisdictions require a fixed business age for contract bidding.

 The shelf companies we offer have a variety of names and ages depending on what will best suit your business.

 For the price and detailed information of ready-made companies please leave a request

Companies With Clean History

We can guarantee that they have not previously traded.

Aged and Prestigious

Anyone who wants to transfer their assets into a business that has been in existence for some time.

Documentations Are Ready

All ready made companies are supplied with full set of documents.

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