BVI Company Formation

BVI Company Formation
  • Classical offshore jurisdiction. Ease of operation, maintenance and control.
  • Time of BVI company formation takes 2 DAYS.
  • Personal presence not required
  • Popular company type:
    • BVI Business Company (BC)

Tax Rates in BVI

Corporation Tax in BVI: 0%

Income Tax in BVI: 0% a payroll tax of between 10% and14%, split between employer and employee.

VAT Tax in BVI: 0%

About BVI

Overseas Territory: British Virgin Islands

Country: United Kingdom (British Overseas Territory)

Island: Tortola

Languages: English

Currency: United States Dollar (USD)

Dial Codes: +1 284

Abbreviations: BVI

Lat/Long: 18°26’N / 64°37’W

What we can do for your Company in BVI

  • We do all paperwork on forming the company in BVI
  • Formation is completely remote
  • Can act as Secretary or Treasury
  • Provide nominee Directors/Shareholders
  • Assist with opening a bank account
  • Registration for Taxes, VAT & EORI
  • Develop a website for your business
  • Create a logo of your brand
  • Provide with full company administration services
  • Arrange a mailing address for your business
  • Arrange a virtual office for your company
  • Telephone answering service
  • Book keeping, audit & reporting
  • Preparing and submitting VAT return
  • Dealing with local authority
  • Trademark registration

British Virgin Islands Company Incorporation/ BVI BC Formation

Main Characteristics and the basic rules of Company registration in BVI

British Virgin Islands is currently one of the richest places in the world. This is mainly possible due to the excellently robust offshore environment in the place. The island in the Atlantic has an extremely small population, but the tax free jurisdiction and the great amount of wealth which is stored in the bank accounts of trusts and corporations opens up chances for international business excellently. If you are a businessman and looking to expand business overseas, investing in the British Virgin Islands is an excellent option and of course, don’t forget to opt for our BVI Offshore Company Formation service.

Our BVI Offshore Company Formation service is designed to help investors who want to expand their business on British Virgin Islands.

It is interesting to note that in British Virgin Islands, company formation is a large business. It contributes to almost 51.8% of the annual revenue of the government, which is obtained from the license fees which are paid by the offshore companies. Many companies from Latin America and Asia have opened business in the BVI and running successfully.

BVI company formation advantages

There are many benefits of company formation in the British Virgin Islands. Some of them are:

  • No corporate or income taxes – There is no need to pay income or corporate tax by BVI corporations to the government of British Virgin Islands. However, citizens of the USA and those from other countries where there is tax on worldwide income need to report all the income that is made to their respective tax authorities.
  • Great jurisdiction – One of the most popular offshore legal entity is the British Virgin Islands Business Company (BVI BC). More than 40% of global offshore corporations have registrations with BVI.
  • Single shareholder – Only one shareholder is enough for BVI corporations.
  • Great privacy – There is no need for BVI corporations to share data and information about directors, shareholders, owners and officers. There are no public records of these people as the names are not filed with BVI register.
  • Clean reputation – British Virgin Islands has never been blacklisted by reputed organizations when it comes to forming offshore corporations in the country. BVI has been considered clean by all leading international finance watchdog companies.

The process of BVI Offshore Company Formation is also quite simple. However, you will need some kind of assistance for business expansion in BVI. BRIS group helps in taking care of all the legal and other formalities related to the company formation process in BVI. The process of business expansion in BVI is simplified with our expertise. Call us for assistance right away.

BVI Company FormationFinancial Advantages
Taxation:No taxes
Double Taxation Treaty Access:No taxation treaty access
BVI Tax Information Exchange Agreements:Yes, TIEAs signed by BVI authority.
Account Filing Requirements:No accounting or reporting requirements
Annual Return Filing Requirements:No annual return/ reporting requirements
Audit Requirements:No audit required.
BVI Company FormationRegistration Requirements
Share Capital:US$50,000
Classes of Share Available for BVI company formation:Shares with or without voting rights, redeemable shares, registered shares, preference shares, shares of no par value.
Minimum paid up share capital:US$1
Bearer Shares:es, Allowed (subject to anti-money laundering and due diligence regulations).
Registered Office Required:Yes, required and must be maintained in BVI.
Registered agent:Yes, required
Shareholders:Minimum number is one.
Directors:Minimum number is one. Can be any nationality and need not be resident in BVI. Corporate directors are allowed.
Company Seal:Yes, company must have a company seal.
Your Company language:English
Name of your Company must be ended:“Corporation”/ Corp., “Limited”/Ltd, “Incorporated”/Inc.,, “Societe Anonyme”/S.A., “Sociedad Anonima”
Documents required for BVI company formation:A certified copy of your passport or ID and proof of your residential address dated less than 3 months.
BVI Company FormationRestrictions
For BVI company formation you cannot use words in your company names without justification:“Bank”, “Trustee Company”, “Assurance”, “Building Society”, ”Trust Company”, “Royal” etc.
Restrictions on Trading:None
Not permitted without a licence:Fund management, insurance, Banking, reinsurance, assurance, trust management, collective investment schemes, trusteeship business provision.
BVI Company FormationConfidentiality and Security
Publicly Accessible Records:No public register of company officers (Directors, Shareholders, Secretary)
Possibility to use Nominee Shareholders and Nominee Directors for BVI Company Formation:Yes, Allowed
Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership to Authorities:No
Meetings of Directors and Shareholders to be held:Anywhere
What is the stability to register BVI Company (IBC)Secure jurisdiction and distinguished reputation.


The British Virgin Islands (“the BVI”), together with other major offshore jurisdictions, introduced economic substance laws.

These Rules are issued under the authority of the International Tax Authority pursuant to section 17 of the Economic Substance (Companies and Limited Partnerships) Act, 2018 (“ESA”).

Learn more about BVI ES Guide

About BVIbvi company formation
Capital city:Road Town
Region:The British Virgin Islands (BVI), officially the Virgin Islands, is a British overseas territory located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico.
Political System:Political Democracy
Government:Constitutional Monarchy
Governing corporate legislation:The BVI Business Companies Act, 2004 (“the Act”) as amended
Type of Law:Common
Type of company:International Business Company (IBC)
Currency:US Dollar (USD)
Exchange Control:None.
Language of Legislation and Corporate Documents:English.
Time Zone:GMT-4 .
  • Exemption from all local taxes and stamp duty
  • Maximum confidentiality and anonymity
  • Ease of operation, maintenance and control
  • Asset security
  • No disclosure or minimum capital requirements
  • A BVI Company requires a minimum of one shareholder
  • A BVI Company requires a minimum of one director
  • Excellent and flexible post-incorporation follow-up services
  • No statutory requirement to hold annual general meetings
  • Highly competitive fees and costs

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