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Along with offshore registration services, we can provide a wide range of other services such as: offshore business registration, licences and permits for international trading, offshore business banking, investment and asset protection services such as offshore trust registration, offshore foundation and many more that you can find below.

We pride ourselves on our high standard of service, and we ensure that everything is 100% confidential.

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Vehicle Registration

An yacht owner would probably have noticed an increasing number of yachts that use flags of exotic countries instead of traditional flags at the top of their yacht masts.

EORI Registration

An EORI number is a number, unique throughout the European Community, assigned by a customs authority in a Member State to economic operators (businesses) or persons.

VAT Registration

A Value Added Tax is indirect tax on the domestic consumption of goods and services, except those that are zero-rated (such as food) or are otherwise exempt (such as exports).


You may be required to present an apostilled original Certificate of Incorporation when doing business with some banks or some government institutions.

Merchant Account

Merchant service is authorised financial services that enable you to process credit card payments from your customers safely, securely and quickly.

Virtual Office

You may be required to present an apostilled original Certificate of Incorporation when doing business with some banks or some government institutions.

Nominee Services

This applies if you do not wish to be directly listed as a shareholder or director in the primary documents (First Resolutions) of the company.

Accounting Services

We offer our accounting services nationwide as in some jurisdictions accounting and auditing are compulsory requirements.

Offshore Trust

A trust is a legally acknowledged and binding agreement whereby an asset that is held by a Settlor is transferred to a Trustee, in whom resides the legal ownership of the asset that is managed for the benefits of the trust’s Beneficiary.

TM Registration

When you start a new company you should always consider registering a trademark. Trademark registration can include logos, company names, words and phases etc.

Offshore Foundation

Offshore foundations are key structure for asset protection, estate planning tax free vehicles. Offshore foundation is very similar to offshore trust, but has its own legal personality and no legal owner.

Business Licences

Business licences are permits issued by the government agencies allow individuals or companies to conduct business within the government’s geographical jurisdiction.

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Business Bank Accounts

Find suitable banks for your business

  • List of Banks
Business Licence & Permission

Forex, Gaming, Banking etc.

  • Business License
  • Banking License
  • Cryptocurrency License
  • Payment Service Licenses
  • Gambling License
  • Forex License
  • Seychelles Forex License
  • Mauritius Forex License
  • Vanuatu Forex License
Other Types of Registration

Trusts, Foundations, Yachts etc

  • Offshore Foundations
  • Offshore Trusts
  • Yacht & Aircraft
  • Trademark Registration
Administration & Management

Everything for your business

  • Virtual Office & Telephone
  • Documents Legislation
  • Nominee Service
  • Power of Attorney
  • Domain Names & Hosting
  • Logo Design
Accountancy & Finance

Reduced administration and paperwork

  • Accounting Services
  • VAT Registration
  • EORI Registration
  • Merchant Account
Offshore Company Formation

Global options for your company

  • Europe
  • America
  • Asia & Africa
  • Oceania & Polynesia
  • Caribbean
  • Emirates Zone


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