Bulgaria Company Formation

Bulgaria Company Formation
  • European jurisdiction with respected reputation.
  • Time of Bulgaria Limited Liability company formation takes 3-5 DAYS.
  • Personal presence is not required.
  • Popular company type:
    • Bulgarian Limited Liability Company

Tax Rates in Bulgaria

Corporation Tax in Bulgaria: 10%

Income Tax in Bulgaria: 10% (additional 12.9% by the employee for social security contributions, i.e. health insurance, pension and unemployment fund); and additional 17.9% by the employer for various social security contributions)

VAT Tax in Bulgaria: 17% (Reduced rates 5% + 9%)

About Bulgaria

Country: Bulgaria

Capital: Sofia
Continent: Europe.Country in the Balkans

Language: Belizean Creole, Spanish

Currency: Bulgarian lev

Time Zones: GMT +2

Dial Code: +359

Abbreviations: BG

What we can do for your Company in Bulgaria

  • We do all paperwork on forming the company in Bulgaria
  • Formation is completely remote
  • Can act as Secretary or Treasury
  • Provide nominee Directors/Shareholders
  • Assist with opening a bank account
  • Registration for Taxes, VAT & EORI
  • Develop a website for your business
  • Create a logo of your brand
  • Provide with full company administration services
  • Arrange a mailing address for your business
  • Arrange a virtual office for your company
  • Telephone answering service
  • Book keeping, audit & reporting
  • Preparing and submitting VAT return
  • Dealing with local authority
  • Trademark registration

Bulgaria Company Formation. Limited Liability Company Registration

Main Characteristics and the basic rules of Company registration in Bulgaria

Setting up branches of existing company or register a new one in a foreign country may be on your mind. However, zeroing in on the right country may seem a tad difficult at times. Bulgaria is a good option in this regard. Like several other entrepreneurs you can start operations the country. The economic scene, favorable conditions and flexible tax norms make Bulgaria ideal for any business or company owner seeking expansion. The country has a moderate climate-all over the year. A number of large UK based companies like GlaxoSmithKline, William Hughes already operate here and more are spreading network.

When you plan for business expansion in any nation, analyzing the economy and growth trends is necessary. In this regard, Bulgaria is a good contender. The Bulgarian economy was affected big time in 2009 owing to global economic meltdown but things have changed for better since that time. The GDP growth reached 1.7% in 2014 which is indicative of sustained economic recovery. The sectors like tourism and services have shown signs of growth with consistency in last few years. The GDP of Bulgaria is expected to rise by a margin of 3.7% in 2018.

The government and political scene in the country is stable and this is definitely encouraging for venture owners seeking expansion and growth. The other factors that should work in favor of your business expansion include multilingual, skilled labor, high overall literacy rate and approachable people. The fact that Bulgarian currency lev has link with Euro is an assurance for stable monetary system.

Not all countries have similar trade agreements with leading countries. This is one factor you cannot overlook when thinking of taking business to different countries. The nice thing about Bulgaria is it is member of entities like the WTO and EU. It enjoys privilege of free trade agreements with a number of countries including Macedonia, Turkey, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia etc.

The legislation of the country is similar to the EU legislation-which is ideal from business expansion or startup perspective. You can set up Franchises and legal protection for copyrights and trademarks are available. The tax rate for corporations is low. Cost of living is also on lower side.

Despite the numerous advantages of starting a venture in Bulgaria, you may need expert assistance to make the business profitable. In this context, the BRIS Group is the ideal companion. With our assistance, your dream of expanding business to Bulgaria will be a smooth affair.

Bulgaria Company Formation Financial Advantages
Taxation: 10% Corporate Tax
Double Taxation Treaty Access: Yes, Bulgaria has tax treaties with other countries to foster cooperation between Bulgaria and other international tax authorities. Has total of 53 Treaty Access.
Bulgaria Tax Information Exchange Agreements: Yes, Bulgaria signs Exchange Agreements
Account Filing Requirements: Yes accounting and reporting requirements
Annual Return Filing Requirements: No annual return/ reporting requirements.
Audit Requirements: Yes audit required.
Bulgaria Company Formation Registration Requirements
Share Capital: Standard authorised share capital: BGN 5,000. Minimum paid up share capital: BGN 1.
Classes of Share Available for Bulgaria company formation: Registered shares and shares of no par value
Bearer Shares: Not Allowed
Registered Office Required: Yes, required and must be maintained in Bulgaria.
Shareholders: Minimum number is one
Directors: Minimum number is one. Can be any nationality and need not be resident in Bulgaria. Corporate directors are allowed.
Your Company language: English
Name of your Company must be ended: Corp, Ltd, LLC.
Documents required for Bulgaria company formation: A certified copy of your passport or ID and proof of your residential address dated less than 3 months.
Bulgaria Company Formation (IBC) Restriction
For Bulgaria company formation you cannot use words in your company names without justification: “Bank”, “Trustee Company”, “Assurance”, “Building Society”, ”Trust Company”, “Royal” etc.
Restrictions on Trading: None
Not permitted without a licence: Fund management, insurance, Banking, reinsurance, assurance, trust management, collective investment schemes, trusteeship business provision.
Bulgaria Company Formation Confidentiality and Security
Publicly Accessible Records: Yes public register of company officers (Directors, Shareholders, Secretary)
Nominee Shareholders and Nominee Directors: Yes, Allowed
Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership to Authorities: No
Meetings of Directors and Shareholders to be held: Anywhere
Stability: Stable jurisdiction and very highly regarded reputation.
About Bulgaria Bulgaria Company Formation
Capital city: Sofia
Region: Distribution of provinces by NUTS: Level 1 (regions): Northern and Eastern, South-Western and South-Central; Level 2 (planning regions)
Political System: The politics of Bulgaria take place in a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic republic, whereby the Prime minister is the head of government, and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government.
Government: Republic
Governing corporate legislation: Commercial Register Act 2008
Type of Law: Civil
Currency: Bulgarian Lev (BGN).
Exchange Control: None.
Language of Legislation and Corporate Documents: English.
Time Zone: GMT+2 .
  • Firstly, Bulgaria makes business formation simple and straightforward.
  • The real profit is taxed at a rate of 10%
  • Very low employment costs
  • You can invest in many sectors
  • Low operational cost and highly skilled workforce
  • A Company requires a minimum of one shareholder
  • A Company requires a minimum of one director
  • Excellent and flexible post-incorporation follow-up services
  • No statutory requirement to hold annual general meetings
  • Highly competitive fees and costs
  • More info you can find here

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