Documents Legalisation

International operations of global business companies will require their documentation to be legalised in a way consistent with the laws of the chosen jurisdictions.

The Hague Convention 1961 has brought significant changes to the rules of documents legalisation. In order for any documents to have any legal power in another jurisdiction it must be marked by Apostille confirming its status.

Apostille is an international government-issued certification accepted by Hague Convention member countries.

The necessary steps for obtaining an Apostille involve:

  • Firstly, document verification by a local Notary.
  • Secondly, the notary’s signature must be certified by the local Supreme Court Registry.

Documents Legalisation

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For instance, when opening a company’s bank account the chosen bank will require a Notarised and Apostilled copy of the document as a confirmation of the company’s registration and the director’s identity.

If your country recognises Apostille we would highly recommend you to order this service. Please contact us for more information.