Cryptocurrency License


Cryptocurrency  is a digital currencies, which have emerged in 2008.

Main activities with cryptocurrencies:

  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • Cryptocurrency payment solutions
  • Cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrencies advantages:

  • No common emission and controlling bodies.
  • Modern blockchain technology records all transactions in relation to the cryptocurrency
  • Value and general status are set solely

Register your company and obtain a license in the countries which are developing legal framework purposed to establish a better control over crypto currency markets within the blockchain tech industry.

Our consultants help you to chose the best jurisdiction for your project in order to avoid legal issues during an ICO


License Requirements

License requirements will depend on the business activity, ownership form, location, number of employees etc. Having an appropriate license for your business will avoid high penalties and even closure of a business by local authorities.

We can give you advice on the type of license you require in the chosen offshore jurisdiction as well as the help to obtain them. Please contact us for further information.

Credibility of business license

  • Knowing that the business is licensed and possess the necessary permits and registration will attract future customers as well as investors.
  • Separation of business and personal taxes.
  • Liability protection. Personal protection from future claims on your business thus limiting personal risks.
  • Access to various business groups and organisations.
  • Confidentiality as no personal details would have to be revealed.

We can help you decide where to register your offshore company, depending on your requirements, and we have numerous options available. There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration when applying for an offshore business license, and BRIS Group are here to help with expert advice on hand whenever you need it.

Call us today, and get your business off to the best possible start.