Cookie Policy

This cookie notice is meant for the visitors to our website. It defines the way we deploy cookies. In this notice ‘our’ and ‘we’ mean BRIS group.

This site makes use of cookies. By using this website, you are giving consent to cookie usage. If you want to deactivate cookies and still use our site, do visit the following website

What are cookies?

For any website to work as desired, it has to gather some basic information from the users. For this, the site creates files that are called cookies. These are basically small text files that reside in computers of the users. These cookies are designed to recognize the users on successive visits.

Cookies perform various jobs that enhance internet usage experience of the users. For instance, cookies can remember site bursting preferences and ease navigation on subsequent visits. They can also remember user ID. The data collected through cookies including geographical location is aimed at enhancing overall user experience. Information collected by these cookies is referred as personal data.

How we use cookies?

We collect different types of cookies from the users for several reasons, to offer them better site experience and serve them content matching their needs better. The cookies used by us also calculate time spent by visitors in the site.

We are aware of users’ privacy. So, we deploy cookies for monitoring and enhancing our services. We also use cookies to offer advertising campaigns tailored to user interests. Cookies can also be used to track visits to other third-party sites at times.

Types of cookies

The persistent cookies reside in the user’s device for a preset period of time. The session cookies are temporary in nature. These cookies get deleted once you close the browser.

Cookies can also be categorized in 4 sections- advertising cookies, functionality cookies, performance cookies and strictly necessary cookies- based on their functions and usage.

The strictly necessary cookies are used to navigate a website and access its features. Without these, you cannot perform tasks like registration. These do not collect information. The performance cookies collect user data for various statistical purposes and they help understand user browsing patterns. The functionality cookies let users customize look of the website. Lastly, the advertising cookies are used to deliver ads that matter to the users and can be used to limit an ad’s display timing. Without these cookies, users may have to cope with online advertisements that are not useful to them.

How to control cookies?

You should remember deleting all cookies will lead to deletion of your site browsing and customization choices. The functionality of websites may also get affected. So, we advise you not to deactivate cookies when using our website.

Most web browsers can be set to accept cookies automatically but you may change settings to restrict automatic acceptance. The settings may vary a little from one browser to another. Remember our cookies are not used to invade your privacy. We use them for learning about your browsing choices and offering better experience.

Our team of consultants are here to take you through the process.