Terms and Conditions

(!) The following Terms and Conditions, as soundly published in this segment of the following website, are for primary information and review functions only. You are not yet bound by any of these Terms while simply initially browsing and perusing any information published in this website. Only upon an offshore company formation order or a request for any paid services is placed with us, then these Terms and Conditions will become enforceable and applicable. These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern the provision of corporate services by the Agent to the Client, as identified and shall be specified further herein. Subject to the client and agents express acceptance, these Terms, in conjunction with any respective order forms, orders, requests and information, as supplied by the Client to the Agent, shall establish a binding legal agreement between both Agent and Client.

1. Definitions

“BRIS” means Business Registration Incorporation Service, agency who provides services and any of its subsidiaries in any jurisdiction.

1.1.“SUBSIDIARIES” means all entities of BRIS including any representatives of BRIS around the world, all employees and persons in association and relation with BRIS.

1.2.“BUSINESS” means the activities and services provided by BRIS to individuals as well as corporations/firms, or any persons representing such entities, in relation to registration of companies, be it offshore or onshore.

1.3.“CLIENT” means persons or corporates who have dealings with BRIS, be it remotely or personally, and those who pay in return for services to be provided by BRIS.

1.4.“SERVICES” means the submission of requests by BRIS or any of its subsidiaries to a respective client in relation to the skills and knowledge BRIS possesses. These services must not be deemed as or presumed to be legal advice.

1.5.“TERMS AND CONDITIONS” means the general terms and conditions set out here for the use of BRIS any of its subsidiaries and clients.

2. Confidentiality

2.1. We endeavour to comply with our Privacy Policy at all times and to ensure that confidentially is maintained with regards to any persons or representatives personal data with regards to identity as well as all dealings, excluding any which are prohibited by law. In such circumstances we will be obligated to provide such detailed to governmental authorities and cannot refrain from this.

3. Non-Legal Advice

3.1. Whilst we strive to offer our client’s good and correct advice on the services we aim to provide, it is essential to note the advice obtained from BRIS is not legal or accountancy advice and so must not be considered as such. We advise all clients to seek independent legal or accountancy advice from persons who are qualified in these respectable areas. Subsequently, BRIS or any of its subsidiary companies including any of its employees cannot be held liable for advice given or any loss that may result due to such advice.

4. Contract Performance

4.1 It is of up-most importance that we provide our clients with exceptional service once entered into a purchase of a company. As such we aim to ensure that all services are completed to the time frame specified, however we cannot be liable for any delay caused in relation to the following:
4.1.1 In the event that a respective client is absent and cannot be contacted.
4.1.2 In any event beyond the control of BRIS or any of its subsidiary companies. (Including acts caused by nature)

5. Registered Office

5.1 In any case of BRIS providing a respective client with a registered office address, the client is prohibited from exploiting such address in relation to:
5.1.1 Using the address in the form of a virtual office, thereby allowing mail to be sent to the registered address in the clients/company name.
5.1.2 Using the registered address within any form of advertisement without notice.
5.2 In any case of the above BRIS reserves all rights to retract from an agreement with the respective client and to without notice withdraw from providing services to such a client.
5.3 Where necessary BRIS may be inclined to relocate its offices and in such situations BRIS is obliged to provide notice to clients if the relocation were to affects a respective client. In any case if the reposition were to affect a client adversely then BRIS cannot be held accountable for any loss incurred to a client.

6. Website Links

6.1 All links contained within this website are to be presumed as out of the control of BRIS or any of its subsidiaries unless specifically indicated. Therefore, BRIS cannot be held accountable for any of the contents contained within these websites or any loss incurred due to the use of them.

7. Ordering Procedure

7.1. How to start

7.1.1. Select the OFFSHORE JURISDICTION you find most suitable for your business and request a quotation or call one of our offices for more information and details. Our team will provide you with professional and confidential service advice.

7.1.2. Complete the application form, which we will send to you with our first email to you, or if you understand your requirements you can find the application form on our website above (application order form) and can fill it straight away. Provide us with 3 names you choose for your company into our application form. We will check the registrar database to establish if this name is available. If that is not available you will choose another name until we confirm that it is available to register.

7.1.3. Tell us if you need our nominee services (Director/ Shareholder). Nominee Services can be provided to you for the maximum confidentiality and security. If you do not need our Nominee services, enter the information about the directors and shareholders.

7.1.4. Once application is completed please send it to us via email or submit it on our website. We will consider your requirements and issue the invoice for you.

7.2. Required documents

With the application form we require the following documents to be forwarded to us as copies to our email address:

7.2.1. ID Document: Passport or National identification card

7.2.2. Address verification documents – We can only accept the following: driving licence, utility bill – gas, water, electricity, home telephone or broadband bill, credit card or bank statement these documents MUST be dated within the last 3 months.

Most registrations take from 3 hours to form a company. It may take longer, as it is depends on jurisdictions. We also offer ready-made companies in many offshore jurisdictions that can be processed within one business day. Once the company is formed, you will receive the full package of required documents, which will ensure you are ready to open a bank account and start to trade:

  1. The certificate of incorporation
  2. Minutes of the first directors’ meeting
  3. Resolution of issuing share certificate
  4. Share certificates
  5. Memorandum and articles of association or Constitution
  6. Appointment of First Director
  7. Consent letters etc.
  8. Registers of members and directors

Copies of the above documents should be kept in the office of the registered agent.

8. Delivery

8.1. All documents will be sent to you from our office by courier delivery for security and confidentiality purposes. We will provide you with a tracking number by email or telephone text, so you can easily track the parcel. Once you have received the documents we will appreciate it if you confirmed receipt.

9. Support Centre

9.1. BRIS Group provides expert advice and support across all the services we offer. Our team are always available, ready, willing and able to handle your inquiries.

There are many core ingredients to our customer’s success. Undoubtedly our teams are one key part of this recipe, but there’s also a group of valued partners who work behind the scenes – and quite simply, we couldn’t do it without them. These teams are housed at our offices in UK, Cyprus, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Czech Republic.

Support Centre – our Head Office – based in UK and they’re working to ensure that we’re performing as the best as we can, across all areas of our business.

Our Support Centre departments keep us running smoothly and make sure we look after our most valued asset – our clients.

Support centre contact e-mail: [email protected]

10 Price and Payments

10.1 BRIS Agrees to provide to the client professional services according to the directory of BRIS and/or according to specific request of client and the client agrees to pay these services according to invoices of BRIS. The client agrees to pay the fees charged by BRIS for its services, which shall include annually recurring fees.
10.1.1 All fees charged by BRIS to the client shall be in amounts indicated in the tariff of as specifically sent to the client by BRIS in the form of proforma invoice of pricelist. The fees are subject to change without any prior notice.
10.1.2 We advise all clients to request a full and proper quotation via our request form in order to ensure the price they will pay.
10.2 Payments are taken at time of purchase. Invoices are to be paid in full amount before BRIS can proceed to act upon the purchases made.
10.2.1 BRIS cannot be held accountable for the delay of any services due to the late payment by a respective client.
10.2.2 BRIS may, when required to do so, call for a client to pay for expenses incurred related to the recovery of late payments.

11. Right to Refuse

11.1 BRIS reserves all rights to refuse services to any respective client for any reason they may see necessary.
11.2 BRIS maintains all rights to refuse such services without any need of written or verbal communication or justification.

11.3.Clients who refuse to obey instructions, policy or conditions of BRIS will be automatically removed from our service.

12. Refunds

12.1 Refunds can be issued at the disposal of management who hold the ultimate decision which should not be challenged.

12.2 Where the client refuses to provide any information and/or documents, requested by BRIS, or in any other case refuses to proceed with any relevant services by BRIS, then no fee is refundable for any reason.

12.3 Orders may be cancelled at any time prior to the commencement of any services by BRIS.

12.4 No refunds will be given after an order for any of BRIS services is placed by the client and services performed by BRIS partially or in full.

13. Amendments of Terms and Conditions

13.1 BRIS maintains full control of the terms and conditions laid out hereby and maintains all rights to change, modify or correct any terms and conditions at any time.
13.2 It is advisable for all clients to inform themselves of the terms and conditions and any changes made by BRIS before making any such payments for services provided.

14. Applicable Laws

14.1 All terms and conditions will be governed by the Laws of the UK.
14.2 All clients must agree that any legal action in relation to BRIS’s Policies will be filed at the courts situated in the UK.
14.3 No waiver of one term of this Policy should automatically invalidate another such term. In such a circumstance all other terms shall still hold full effect.

15. Contacts

15.1 If you have any further queries with regards to our terms and conditions please email us your concerns. If at any time you believe we have not compelled to these terms please notify us by emailing at [email protected] we will use all appropriate methods to resolve any situation in an amicable manner.

Our team of consultants are here to take you through the process.