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Privacy Policy-BRIS Group

The purpose of this Privacy Policy page is to make you aware of how BRIS GR LIMITED is going to accumulate information provided by you and also how it is going to use or disclose your personal data. At BRIS GR LIMITED, we understand that you want to keep your personal data as secure as possible and we try our best to keep your personal data safe. Your personal data will always remain safe and secure with us.

We are going to use these following terms – “us’, “we’ and “our” to personify the data controller who will be dealing with personal information and data. Our privacy policy is in compliance with EU GDPR 2016/679 regulation and with most locally applicable data protection laws.

What is Data Protection

Data protection is a matter of utmost importance for the BRIS Group. We believe in obtaining user consent before their personal data is obtained and processed. Processing of all types of personal data-including your address, name, phone number and email address will be done as per the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation.

By this data protection declaration, BRIS group informs the site users of the scope, nature and purpose of personal data collected, processed and used by it. Moreover, we inform you, through this data protection declaration, about the rights you are entitled to as user.

As the data processor and collector, we have deployed a number of organizational and technical measures to ensure our data remains safe and secure. Given the fact web based data transmissions may have security loopholes, we cannot guarantee absolute protection. However, we are committed to keeping user data as safe as possible.

We believe in fundamental rights of users to own and control their data. This belief in privacy has prompted us to align to GDPR norms for ensuring optimum user data protection and safety. Listed below is how BRIS Group is adhering to GDPR requirements and exercising data privacy rights in its website.

How we collect your data

  • There are a number of ways, BRIS GR LIMITED collect data of its users –
  • Information provided by you or the user while attending a meeting with one of our representatives.
  • Information provided by you or the user to our company voluntarily or via an intermediary.
  • We have the right to monitor or record the information that you or a user might provide while communicating with us via any of these following communication channels like for example – email, website registration, form fill up, fax, telephone, chat or any other similar digital communication platforms.
  • We can collect and retain your personal information when you voluntarily provide personal details while completing client on-boarding application or any other application forms for example – Due Diligence form, KYC form (Know Your Customer Form).
  • Information provided by your intermediaries, advisers, agents or the custodians of your assets.
  • We can also gather information about you while doing background check about you from third party websites or any other publicly available sources.

Types Of Personal Data We Collect

We can gather the following types of personal information about you –

  • Your contact details like for example – your Name, Your Email Address, Your Phone No, Your Home or Business Address.
  • Your biographical details like for example, the date of birth, tax details (tax identification no), national ID card details, nationality, passport number and other similar information.
  • Your financial information like for example – assets, expenditure, income sources, total income, bank account details etc.
  • We can gather information from reference letters to figure out whether or not you hold or had held prominent public function (for PEPs), FATCA/ CRS info.
  • Your objective behind opting for our service or your business goal.
  • Details like educational information, employment details or family information whenever it deems related or relevant.
  • We may also gather information to understand whether you were involved in money laundering case or whether or not you are engaged with any political party.

Your rights under GDPR

The GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is an extensive EU data privacy law put into effect since May 25, 2018. The core principle of GDPR is based on the policy that everyone has right to safeguard his/her personal data. This is applicable not only for the EU based companies but all entities that process data for the EU residents.

  • Right to be informed-The right to learn how your date gets processed.
  • Right of Rectification-Your right to modify and update personal data.
  • Right of Access-Your right to access and ask for copies of collected data.
  • Right to Restriction-Your right to stop a company from processing personal data.
  • Right to Erasure-Your right to erase personal data collected
  • Right to Object-Your right to take back approval for processing personal data.
  • Right to Data Portability-Your right to access personal data and transfer between controllers.
  • Right to Reject Automated Decisions- Your right to protest against automatic data processing.

What we do

We resort to the following measures to adhere to GDPR norms and ensure optimum data safety and privacy for our users:

  • Data Portability and Management Tools-Used to import user data from other sources and export in CSV format.
  • Data management-As a user, you get absolute control on data that is processed and sent. You have right to modify and erase that data too.
  • Data encryption- All your data is secured through latest encryption tech.
  • Decentralized storage- For safety, user data is stored on IPFS.
  • Data access-You get total control over applications accessing personal data.
  • Data deletion-You can delete data with no trace left.

Additional measures taken by us

We have adopted some additional measures to ensure safety of user’s data is not jeopardized as far as possible.

  • Third party processor audit
  • Multiple team trainings
  • Enhanced privacy policy
  • Internal security audit
  • Official data breach process
  • Data mapping
  • Official data protection team

How we use user information

We use your information for the following needs:

  • For validating your identity.
  • For offering our services, communicating with you regarding your usage of Services and changes in our service terms that may impact you.
  • For the purpose you give us information to us specifically, including responding to your inquiries, offering requested information and offering support.
  • For tailoring content and data we may send you and offering location customization. It is also required for personalizing your experiences when you use our site.
  • For promotional and marketing needs as per legal allowances. We may use your email address for such needs, for example.
  • For better analysis of how users access our website and use our services and also for internal purposes.
  • For safeguarding our assets and customers from fraudulent activities and any harassment involving any third party entity.


You can receive marketing details via different channels like emails or any other digital communication platforms to make you aware of new product or service that might be of interest to you. You can also receive alerts, invitation or information related to an event or a function that we may feel of particular interest to you. We can also get in touch with to keep you abreast with legal or commercial updates that we may feel is relevant to you.

Your personal data will not be shared outside BRIS GROUP. Your personal data will only be used exclusively for BRIS GROUP’s marketing activities and for communication purpose so that you stay updated with latest happening in the industry.

We may reach out to you via multiple platforms like posts, emails, chat, telephone or any other mode of communication.

However, if you don’t want to get contacted by our representative, you can raise a request at this email id – [email protected].

In case, you have given your consent earlier but now want to revoke the consent, you need to get in touch with us via that above-mentioned email id.

Transfer and processing of your personal data outside the European Union 

Your personal data might be transferred outside the European Union. As explained in this privacy policy page, your personal data can be shared with third party depending on the situation. In such cases, your data will get shared on any of these following ways –

  • We will only transfer your personal data to those countries that are approved by the European Commission as offering a certain degree of personal data protection.
  • Your data might get transferred to a USA recipient who has got registered under the EU/US Privacy Shield.
  • Your data will be shared with only those recipients residing in the United States who have already entered into European Commission standard contractual clauses with our company or
  • You have already explicitly consented to the same

How long do we store your personal data?

We keep your personal data in our servers as long as we need it to offer you services, while adhering to legal norms. You can get it erased but after that your account information will be deleted too. The information about deleted user accounts is stored on our servers for use in legitimate business interests including fraud prevention and dispute resolution. The information retained by us is handled as per the terms of our privacy policy.

We retain user information as long as we need for services while adhering to laws or regulations. Periodically, we review relevance of storing user data.

When we share your data?

From time to time, we share information collected from you with third party entities- for specific purposes. Below listed are the reasons for sharing user information with third parties:

  • We need to share your information with our service providers as well as affiliates. This is necessary for business needs like identify verification, fraudulent activity prevention, internal research execution and transaction processing etc.
  • We also need to share your data with our service providers for various marketing purposes.

In case you do not want us to share your information with third parties at all, you can unsubscribe from our emails and newsletters.

Where we store your information

All information collected from our users is stored securely in our servers. The password you use for accessing our website and services or your profile should be kept confidential. We will not ask you to share passwords. While we try our best to secure your personal data, we cannot absolutely guarantee data security during online transmission. We cannot take responsibility for your actions that circumvent privacy settings. You are responsible for keeping your password safe when you use our site and services.

Can I remove my information?

We respect your need for privacy and therefore offer hassle free method to remove user information. You can remove your account and relevant data in a few steps, when you feel so.

Third party analytics

For business needs, we use third party analytics services like Google Analytics. This is necessary for evaluation of our services. These tools are used by us to enhance our Services, performance. These third party entities may also collect your data for offering their services.  If you have objection to this, you can opt out of their services.

Do I have to give you personal data?

Providing us with your personal data is optional on your part. However, we need some information to understand your needs better and offer you best experience. You can choose to disable cookies but that may hamper your overall usage experience.

Changes to this privacy Policy

This privacy policy is subject to change over time. Any changes we make to the policy will be reflected in our website and those will be mentioned as well. You will get notification about changes to our privacy policy and terms of service through email. You may also check your account in our website for the same from time to time.

Data Protection Officer

Our Data Protection Officer is entrusted with the responsibility to monitor privacy policy compliance issues. DPO is also responsible for keeping liaison with the relevant authorities and ensure that our privacy policy is in line with applicable laws.

You might get email or phone calls from our Data Protection Officer if it is deemed necessary to process your personal data or to make you aware of your data protection right. Matters related to privacy policy are handled directly by our Data Protection Officer.

You can get in touch with our Official by sending an email to this email id – [email protected]

Our team of consultants are here to take you through the process.