Gambling License

Gambling license activities

Type of activities covered by Gambling License:

Popular jurisdictions for a gambling license registration:

Regulator: The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) was established in May 2000

Applications may be made to the Commission for the following types of licences and certificates:

  • A Category 1 Licence
  • A Category 2 Licence
  • A Core Services Associate Certificate
  • A Category 2 Associate Certificate
  • A Hosting Certificate
  • A Temporary eGambling Licence
  • A Key Individual Certificate

To apply, you must send the Commission:

  • your completed application form, including any appendices.
  • a deposit against the AGCC expenses involved in processing your application.
  • supporting documents, either in hard copy or electronically, as appropriate.
  • related key individual application forms, duly completed, and the related deposits.

This site contains all the information and application forms that an eGambling company would need to make an informed decision about choosing to locate to Alderney.

The licensee must comply with all the requirements imposed on it by the On Line Gaming Act, 2005.

Regulator:  Mwali International Services Authority – Gaming Board


  • Efficient, fast, flexible and customer-oriented financial infrastructure
  • Very competitive, with the help of foreign experts
  • Anjouan’s financial system is constantly improving

How to apply, information on an official website here

Regulator: The Division of Gaming is the regulatory body under the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) responsible for the oversight of all aspects of the Offshore Gaming industry in the jurisdiction of Antigua and Barbuda.


  • Antigua and Barbuda has been very proactive in regulating the offshore gaming through its IGIWR
  • Antigua and Barbuda is internationally regarded as a Tier 1 jurisdiction of choice,
  • Its regulations and regulatory enforcement remain first rate.
  • The jurisdiction’s regulatory regime comprises a three pronged focus on “Money Laundering Prevention”, “Player Protection” and “Industry Enhancement”.
  • All gaming activities within the State are subject to the Money Laundering Prevention Act (MLPA) and the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA, 2001).

Regulator: Alderney Gambling Commission (AGC) introduce a “free market approach towards e-gambling”  in 2005


  • Any online casino with the license of this jurisdiction can operate on the international level.

Regulator: FCO. The law with regards to any gambling activity is very strict.


  • Extremely popular and lucrative activity.
  • Gambling companies that operate in the country, both online and land-based,
  • Gambling companies are allowed to do so as long as they abide by the state laws and have obtained a license.

Regulator: Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies (AAMS). Online gambling in the country since 2006


  • License of European Jurisdiction

Regulator: There is no gambling license in Costa Rica as a notion. Although companies that offer online gambling services in Costa Rica do need to obtain a data processing license.


  •  this gambling license is not recognised as such by most banks and game providers.

Authority:  Curacao Gaming Control board.


  • Experienced jurisdiction. It has been functioning since 2002
  • Broad certification and licensing capabilities.
  • An ideal option to start an online casino
  • Optimal for cost and time frame

Regulator: Danish Gambling Authority resides under the Danish Ministry of Taxation. (The Danish Tax Authority (SKAT).


The online gambling market should obtain two types of licenses:

  • one for activity
  • another one for operation

The Gambling Ordinance regulates the process of online gambling license issue in Gibraltar.

  • Licensing covers poker
  • bingo
  • betting
  • online casino websites

The Online Gambling Regulation Act (2001) and the Electronic Transactions Act (2000) stand behind the online gambling legislation in Isle of Man.


  • The most popular jurisdictions
  • Is known for its strict requirements
  • professional and unbiased monitoring and control of the online gambling companies.

Regulator: Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC)

  • Sportsbook gambling licenses
  • Online casino and poker licenses

Regulator:  This is the first country in the European Union that introduced the regulations with regard to remote gambling and started issuing online gambling licences.


  • Popular jurisdiction for a number of reasons.
  • Gaining a license in Malta opens the doors to many banks around the world
  • Possible to open a merchant account for processing banking cards

Regulator: UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).



License Requirements

License requirements will depend on the business activity, ownership form, location, number of employees etc. Having an appropriate license for your business will avoid high penalties and even closure of a business by local authorities.

We can give you advice on the type of license you require in the chosen offshore jurisdiction as well as the help to obtain them. Please contact us for further information.

Credibility of business license

  • Knowing that the business is licensed and possess the necessary permits and registration will attract future customers as well as investors.
  • Separation of business and personal taxes.
  • Liability protection. Personal protection from future claims on your business thus limiting personal risks.
  • Access to various business groups and organisations.
  • Confidentiality as no personal details would have to be revealed.

We can help you decide where to register your offshore company, depending on your requirements, and we have numerous options available. There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration when applying for an offshore business license, and BRIS Group are here to help with expert advice on hand whenever you need it.

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