Dubai is still unique in many respects: a major cosmopolitan city located in a country that does not levy direct taxes of any kind, has no VAT, and only a 5% customs duty. It is an offshore jurisdiction without the offshore stigma. But maybe an even more important feature that makes setting up in business here so attractive is that through the UAE it is possible to access the world’s labour force. For any person, skilled or unskilled, a work permit can be obtained with a minimum of hassle. There is no other country that offers this unique combination of features.

Dubai Offshore Company Formation. International Business Companies in Dubai (IBCs)

Main Characteristics and the basic rules of Company registration in Dubai Offshore


Dubai Offshore Company Formation – Confidentiality and Security

  • Publicly Accessible Records: No public register of company officers (Directors, Shareholders, Secretary)
  • Nominee Shareholders and Nominee Directors: Not Allowed
  • Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership to Authorities: No
  • Meetings of Directors and Shareholders to be held: Anywhere
  • Stability: Stable jurisdiction and good reputation. 

Dubai Offshore Company Formation – Financial Advantages 

  • Taxation: No taxes
  • Double Taxation Treaty Access: No Treaty Access
  • Account Filing Requirements: No accounting / reporting requirements
  • Annual Return Filing Requirements: Annual return/ reporting requirements differs
  • Audit Requirements: No audit required. 

Dubai Offshore Company Formation – Requirements 

  • Minimum authorised share capital: AED1
  • Classes of Share Available for an Dubai company formation: Registered shares only
  • Bearer Shares: Not Allowed
  • Registered Office Required: Yes required and must be maintained in JAZFA
  • Shareholders: Minimum number is one
  • Directors: Minimum number is two.  Can be any nationality and need not be resident in UAE. Corporate directors are allowed
  • Your Company language: English
  • Name of your Company must be ended: “Limited”
  • Documents required for an Dubai company formation: A certified copy of your passport or ID and proof of your residential address dated less than 3 months.
  • For Dubai company formation you cannot use words in your company names without justification: “Emirates”, “Emirate”, “Bank”, “Trustee Company”, “Assurance”, “Chamber of Commerce”,  “Trust Company”, “Insurance”, “Municipality”, “Municipal”, etc. (or any words that Registrar deems to be in connection with the Government of the Federation of the UAE, its agencies or identical bodies of any of the member States of the Federation)
  • Restrictions on Trading: Not permitted to trade within UAE
  • Not permitted without a licence: Trading within UAE, Fund management, insurance,  Banking, reinsurance, assurance,  trust management, collective investment schemes, trusteeship business provision. 

About Emirates Dubai Offshore Company

  • Capital: Abu Dhabi
  • Political System: Democracy
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Governing corporate legislation: Offshore Regulations 2006
  • Type of Law: Civil
  • Currency: Dirham (AED)
  • Exchange Control: None
  • Language of Legislation and Corporate Documents: English/Arabic
  • Time zone: GMT+4

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