offshore company formation procedureOrdering

If you’ve already selected a country and a type of offshore company formation or onshore company, you may simply order it through the use of our online Order Form. The form is easy to fill out with comments and explanations. Submitting and completing the form doesn’t compel you with anything. This only serves as the initial signal to allow us in assessing your requirements. We will then see how you can be dealt with.

offshore company formation procedureClient information and Due diligence

With your receipt of “offshore company formation” order, we then check it and discuss it with you. All you have to do is to ensure that you have included your accurate contact details in the order form. We need to make sure that we have other means to contact you when we cut the line.

List of documents you will need to provide please find here

offshore company formation procedurePayment

We must produce payment receipt prior to our offshore company formation. We may apply an “open account” for means of payment. This specific courtesy may be extended for individual and first time orders. Payment may also be processed through wire transfer and must be done by the client himselfe. Payment information is indicated using an invoice.

offshore company formation procedureRegistration

After all the details are confirmed prior to your order, “due diligence information” receipt, and payment receipts, we then prepare the “Articles of Association”, the “Memorandum of Association” and other obligatory requirements needed for the registration. You don’t have to sign papers for an IBC. This first company formation document is signed by the “Registered Agent” on your behalf.

Offshore Trust RegistrationDocuments

The corporate documents include a “standard logical sequence of documentation. Company documents will be sent you by special courier delivery.

An Ordinary Package of Documents and Services:

  • Registered agent services.
  • Registered office.
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Memorandum and articles of Association.
  • Resolution of appointment of first director.
  • Consent to act as a director.
  • Nominee director/shareholder (if ordered).
  • Declaration of Trust from the nominee shareholder (if a nominee shareholder is ordered).
  • Minutes of the first meeting of the founders.
  • Share Certificates.
  • Register of shareholders.
  • Register of directors.
  • Apostilled set of the incorporation documents. (If ordered)
  • International express delivery (with the tracking number) by FedEx or DHL.