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Buying a Danish business

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Page 2. Buying a Danish business. Organisation of management A public limited liability company can choose to either have a board and a managing director or a supervisory board and a managing director. A private limited  liability  company  can  choose  to  either  just have the managing director or to have a board and a managing […]

Establishing Business in Denmark

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Page 1. The Guide of Establishing Business in Denmark. This guide is a general guide aimed at overseas companies, to highlight the legal issues involved when  establishing  business  in  Denmark.  However,  the guide  will  not  provide  comprehensive  legal  advice on  applicable  laws  or  other  issues  in  connection with  establishing  and  doing  business  in  Denmark. Prior  […]

Company formation Anguilla

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Company formation Anguilla. Anguilla is a territory in the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea. The climate is tropical and has little variation temperature during a year . Autumn is hurricane season.  Anguilla is situated:  5 miles to the north of the French/Dutch island of Saint Martin.  Advantages –  Company formation Anguilla (IBC) We set up […]

Irish Limited Company – Price and Procedure

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Irish Limited Company. Irish Limited Company – Price and Procedure Registering a company in Ireland As well as the low Corporate Tax rate of 12.5% (0% for some companies until 2018), there are many other benefits of doing business in Ireland. For example, Ireland’s holding company regime is world renowned, as is our tax structure […]

Belize LLC formation

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Belize LLC formation LLCs originated in the United States some time ago of course and are now available in a variety of offshore jurisdictions. Belize came to this corporate structure rather late, introducing its LLC legislation towards the end of 2011. In an attempt to differentiate itself from other jurisdictions, Belize incorporated into the legislation […]

Setting International Bank Saint Lucia

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Setting International Bank Saint Lucia. Setting International Bank Saint Lucia – General An international bank can be established in St. Lucia under the International Banks Act, Cap. 12.17 (the Act). This is the legislation that governs the operation of international banks doing business from St. Lucia. The Act, and regulations made there under, outline the […]

Malta Limited Liability Company

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Malta Limited Liability Company. Registration of Companies in Malta The  following  are  just  a  number  of  the  advantages  that  companies  registered  in  Malta offer (Malta Limited Liability Company). Malta is the only EU state with the full imputation system Effective tax rate of 5% on company’s trading profits ‐ following refunds (10% in the case […]

China Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises

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China Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises. Registration of Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China Below a summary of the procedures for establishing a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE, Limited Liability Company), for the purpose of trading business involved in imports and exports in China, the documentation required, the estimated time frame and costs associated with such […]

Ajman Offshore Company Formation

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Why Choose to go for an Ajman Offshore Company Formation? Ajman Offshore Company Formation offers several benefits to its investors; some of them are Anonymous and discreet – Ajman Authority has a closed register and does not participate in any information exchange treaties. Outside Governments/authorities aren’t privy to information regarding your company. No foreign currency […]

Canadian Company

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Canadian Company. Typical use of British Columbia and New Brunswick Structures What type of Canadian Company is suitable for non-resident clients? Below you can find main types and their advantages in the business. For serving of customers located in Canada, US, EU and other regulated jurisdictions. For purchase of businesses in Canada. Regular trading company for […]

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