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UK Limited Company

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UK Limited Company  A limited company is a company: limited by shares or limited by guarantee. What is Limited by shares This means the company: companies are usually businesses that make a profit is legally separate from the people who run it has separate finances from your personal ones has shares and shareholders can keep […]

Guide To Set Up Offshore Company In Australia

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Company in Australia Your Guide To Set Up Offshore Company In Australia Australia has always been inviting businessmen from other countries to try their prospects. It is the sixth largest country in the world and comprises of two territories and six states. It is considered to be a multi-cultural community because of indigenous inhabitants from […]

How LLP is Different from LLC, General and Limited Partnership Company?

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Have you ever come across terms like this – ‘Tom & Harry LLP’? Of course, you have unless you have been living under a rock so far. LLP or Limited Liability Partnership is one of the most popular company types as it comes loaded with numerous benefits. Now, before we start discussing about the advantages […]