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Corporation Tax in UK

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Corporation Tax in UK. Corporation Tax in UK Who is subject to Corporation Tax requirements? The following limited companies and unincorporated organisations are subject to Corporation Tax requirements: limited companies incorporated in the UK foreign-based companies with a permanent place of business in the UK members’ clubs, such as social clubs, sports clubs and holiday […]

UK Double Taxation treaties

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UK Double Taxation treaties.  UK Double Taxation treaties. If a company has income from a source in one country and is resident  in another, it may be liable to pay tax in both countries under their  tax laws. To avoid Double Taxation in this situation, the UK has negotiated Double Taxation treaties with more than 100 other […]

Taxes in Andora

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Taxes in Andorra. Andorra is a very popular jurisdiction for a company registration and maintain your business internationally, the main reason is  taxes in Andorra. Taxes in Andorra Before in Andorra were no taxes on profits, dividends or income. The taxes impinging on companies are business license fees, social security contributions, property taxes and sales taxes. Corporate entities […]

Business in Malta

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Business in Malta – high rating for investment. Malta is a destination of interest to a range of foreign investors, due to its politically stable parliamentary republic, which is well regarded as a safe and secure place to do business. Malta enjoys an ‘A’ investment grade rating by Standard’s and Poor’s and “00A3 by Moody’s. […]

Business in Singapore

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Business in Singapore. When starting up, it is important to understand your legal obligations as a business. There are specific areas you might want to take note of so you do not fall foul of the law. Business in Singapore – Singapore Company Registration Your Chosen Business Structure. The laws that apply to your business […]

Isle of Man Company Registration

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Isle of Man company. Type of Company formation in Isle of Man: Private Company Limited By Shares Company Limited By Guarantees Exempt Private Company Public Company Limited By Shares International Company Non-Resident Company General Partnership Limited Partnership International Limited Partnership Trust Sole Proprietorship Benefits of Isle of Man Company Despite this diversity, and the fact that […]

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