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Start offshore business companies

are  the most effective tools for medium and large businesses and real opportunity to optimise taxation, avoiding paying unnecessarily high taxes.

In contrast to local entrepreneurs from offshore jurisdiction, “international” offshore company usually fully released from the payment of taxes, or pay them, but on a fairly modest rates. In addition, once a year IBC pays annual fee to continue its activities.

Advantages of using offshore business mechanisms, such as:

– Low or zero tax rates;

– Company registration is fast and simple;

– In most offshore zones there is no obligation to submit any annual or financial reports;

– Capital mobility and anonymity of its owner. Owner invisibility among other things is provided through the mechanism the bearer shares (bearer shares), at which did not indicate the name of the owner, and their owner should not be registered in the register of shareholders. Such a scheme is in Belize, Panama, in the Seychelles, etc.

– Privacy operations;

– Presence of founders of the company is not required.

Disadvantage in Offshores:

– IBC’s (in most countries) are not engaged in business in the country of registration (there is the concept of “off shore”).  Violating this condition, the company will immediately lose all the privileges and status of offshore company.

Start Offshore business company and use for:
  • Offshore as Classic of export-import operations is the unconditional leader among schemes
  • Offshore as holding company, established for ownership of production, financial and other assets are the second most popular use, combining privacy and tax advantages.
  • Offshore, as well as an owner of real estates – tool that provides a private possession and preferential taxation of income from its commercial use.
  • Financing your own business with the use of offshore tools – this is a very popular method, which provides a convenient mode of investment in conjunction with tax benefits.
  • Offshore Company Formation on the securities market – “favourite toy” stock brokers or simply private investors, using international agreements for the avoidance of double taxation to minimize tax deductions.
  • Offshore and the internet. It is very difficult to identify the location as the first and the second, including for tax purposes. It is not surprising that they are “so often meet together”.
  • Offshore trusts and foundations is tool for protection from the effects of tempestuous personal life, the retiring entrepreneur.
  • An offshore bank, insurance and financial company. It is not surprising that the world financial system has not been oblivious to tax planning tools for itself.
  • Start Offshore Business Company, as the owner of a ship or boat. Tax optimisation tool (as well as for personal income and income from their commercial use). The “harbour flag” adds owner economic and political benefits.


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    Start offshore business company

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