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Denmark Company Liquidation

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Page 9. “Denmark Company Liquidation” INSOLVENCY A  limited  company  and  other  legal  entities  can  be declared  bankrupt,  or  may  enter  into  solvent  liquidation. Upon completion of the bankruptcy proceedings  or  liquidation,  the  legal  entity  ceases  to exist. To avoid bankruptcy, a company may seek an arrangement with its creditors. Restructuring A limited company or any […]

Profit and tax in Denmark

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Page 8. “Profit and Tax in Denmark” Corporate taxation Unlimited tax liability A  corporation  is  resident  in  Denmark  for  tax  purposes if it is incorporated in Denmark and registered in the Companies Register as having a Danish place of business. Further, foreign companies having their actual place of management in Denmark are also tax resident […]

Danish Business Environment

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Page 7. “Danish Business Environment” BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT When  doing  business  in  Denmark,  you  would  be subject to general business regulations, such as the Sales of Goods Act, the Contracts Act, the Competition Act  and  the  Data  Protection Act. This  chapter summarises the general principles of these statutes. Principles of contract law Danish  law  would  not  […]

Intellectual Property in Denmark

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Page 6. “Intellectual Property in Denmark” INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY The system for the protection of intellectual property rights is well-developed in Denmark. Business names,  trademarks,  inventions  and  designs  can  be protected  against  competitors  by registration.  The intellectual  property  rights  mentioned  above  may often be licensed, however, there are no specific laws governing licensing. Denmark  is  a  […]

Property and Environment in Denmark

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Page 5. “Property and Environment in Denmark” PROPERTY AND ENVIRONMENT Land  and  property  can  be  either  leased  or  owned according to Danish law. The statutes applicable to leases and purchases of land and property are generally made to protect respectively the lessee or the purchaser of land and property. The operations of a business may […]

Denmark Employment

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Page 4. “Denmark Employment” Denmark Employment The terms of an employment contract in Denmark will be governed by law, collective bargaining agreements  and  individually  negotiated  agreements. Some mandatory provisions are made to protect employees and to regulate e.g. working hours, holidays, dismissals, unfair dismissals and dispute resolution. You may consider the appointment of an agent, distributor […]

Danish business with others

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Page 3. “Danish business with others” Establishing a Danish business with others Rather  than  establishing  a  fully  owned  subsidiary, you may want to establish business in cooperation with  a  local  partner. This  can  be  done  directly  by establishing a joint venture, a limited liability company, a partnership or a limited partnership; or indirectly by the […]

Buying a Danish business

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Page 2. Buying a Danish business. Organisation of management A public limited liability company can choose to either have a board and a managing director or a supervisory board and a managing director. A private limited  liability  company  can  choose  to  either  just have the managing director or to have a board and a managing […]

Establishing Business in Denmark

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Page 1. The Guide of Establishing Business in Denmark. This guide is a general guide aimed at overseas companies, to highlight the legal issues involved when  establishing  business  in  Denmark.  However,  the guide  will  not  provide  comprehensive  legal  advice on  applicable  laws  or  other  issues  in  connection with  establishing  and  doing  business  in  Denmark. Prior  […]

Malta Limited Liability Company

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Malta Limited Liability Company. Registration of Companies in Malta The  following  are  just  a  number  of  the  advantages  that  companies  registered  in  Malta offer (Malta Limited Liability Company). Malta is the only EU state with the full imputation system Effective tax rate of 5% on company’s trading profits ‐ following refunds (10% in the case […]

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