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Danish business with others

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Page 3. “Danish business with others” Establishing a Danish business with others Rather  than  establishing  a  fully  owned  subsidiary, you may want to establish business in cooperation with  a  local  partner. This  can  be  done  directly  by establishing a joint venture, a limited liability company, a partnership or a limited partnership; or indirectly by the […]

Buying a Danish business

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Page 2. Buying a Danish business. Organisation of management A public limited liability company can choose to either have a board and a managing director or a supervisory board and a managing director. A private limited  liability  company  can  choose  to  either  just have the managing director or to have a board and a managing […]

Establishing Business in Denmark

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Page 1. The Guide of Establishing Business in Denmark. This guide is a general guide aimed at overseas companies, to highlight the legal issues involved when  establishing  business  in  Denmark.  However,  the guide  will  not  provide  comprehensive  legal  advice on  applicable  laws  or  other  issues  in  connection with  establishing  and  doing  business  in  Denmark. Prior  […]

Malta Limited Liability Company

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Malta Limited Liability Company. Registration of Companies in Malta The  following  are  just  a  number  of  the  advantages  that  companies  registered  in  Malta offer (Malta Limited Liability Company). Malta is the only EU state with the full imputation system Effective tax rate of 5% on company’s trading profits ‐ following refunds (10% in the case […]

Cyprus company taxation

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Cyprus company. Cyprus Company, taxation and declaration Cyprus tax-resident companies are required to submit a Provisional Tax Declaration by 31 July of each year, in which they must estimate their taxable profit for the whole year. The resulting tax (at 12,5%) is then paid in 2 equal instalments, the first on 31st July and the […]

Company in Latvia

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Company in Latvia. The Foreign Company in Latvia Company in Latvia – A lot of foreign investors consider Latvia as a great destination for offshore ventures. Several different types of companies can be opened in Latvia with advantageous features. This can be attributed to the flexible and friendly Latvian Commercial Code. Apart from lucrative onshore […]

Offshore Company in Cyprus

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Offshore Company in Cyprus Requirements, Formalities and Steps in Starting an Offshore Company in Cyprus If you want to be a successful businessman, you must identify ways that would reduce your overall tax and ensure success. The key to success would be tax reductions and better offshore opportunities. Conversely, you should decide on a country […]

Gibraltar Offshore Incorporation

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Gibraltar Offshore Incorporation. A quick review through offshore company in Gibraltar Over the past few years, Gibraltar has evolved to be a much desired destination for offshore companies. Many foreign countries find Gibraltar extremely interesting appeasing for investments. The offshore has many advantages for investors who don’t want to pay hefty taxes for every profit […]

Offshore Company in Ireland

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Offshore Company in Ireland. Starting an Offshore Company in Ireland Ireland is extremely famous for its stunning views and heart breaking hospitality. Apart from being an idyllic vacation spot, Ireland has many advantages for potential offshore investors. Everything an International style company wants is found in Ireland. And, if you wish to kick start an […]

Offshore Business in Isle of Man

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Offshore Business in Isle of Man. The Knack in Starting an Offshore Business in Isle of Man Offshore Business in Isle of Man – Located in between Ireland and the islands of Britain, Isle of Man has grown in leaps and bounds. It has a lot to offer for potential businessmen and investors! Would you […]

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