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Tax heaven definition

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Tax heaven. Tax heaven Tax heavens are becoming increasingly popular among businessmen, entrepreneurs and large multinationals for establishing shell subsidiaries as a way to reduce the costs associated with taxation. Tax heaven can be called a tax shelter, an offshore or secrecy jurisdiction or an international financial centre. However, there is no commonly accepted definition […]

Set up an offshore company

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Set up an offshore company. How much and how quick is it to set up an offshore company? Set up an offshore company. In a fast-paced environment of today’s international business world time and money are especially valued by successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. If you would like set up an offshore company in an offshore jurisdiction […]

USA company formation

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USA company formation. USA company formation With all of 50 states to choose from the USA is a great place to establish an offshore company. You are able to choose the best state and still have the benefits of having a USA company. With company registration being popular in specific states such as Delaware the […]

Panama company formation.

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Panama company. Panama company formation. Legal Business Structure Panama company. There are 3 normal business entities here in Panama: Panama company  – Sole Proprietor: Where you and your spouse & family operate a business as sole owners. Panama company  – Partnership: Where you team up with one or more persons in running the business. Panama company  – Corporation: […]

Taxes in Andora

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Taxes in Andorra. Andorra is a very popular jurisdiction for a company registration and maintain your business internationally, the main reason is  taxes in Andorra. Taxes in Andorra Before in Andorra were no taxes on profits, dividends or income. The taxes impinging on companies are business license fees, social security contributions, property taxes and sales taxes. Corporate entities […]

Business License in Vanuatu

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Business License in Vanuatu is an official document showing that permission has been granted by the Licensing authorities to carry out an activity for the purpose of making profit. Business License Act No 19 of 1998 Business License in Vanuatu – Licensing Authority Director of Customs and Inland Revenue (Municipal Areas) Minister of Finance Provincial […]

Mauritius Global Business Licence

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Mauritius Global Business Licences The reputation of Mauritius as an International Financial Centre rests on the quality of its services and its pool of highly qualified professionals. The Financial Services Act (FSA) adopted in 2007, simplifies the regulatory regime and consolidates the legislative framework of the global business sector. In monitoring the conduct of business activities […]

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