Business License in Vanuatu

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Business License in Vanuatu – Licensing Authority

Business License in Vanuatu is an official document showing that permission has been granted by the Licensing authorities to carry out an activity for the purpose of making profit. (Business License Act No 19 of 1998).

  • Director of Customs and Inland Revenue (Municipal Areas)
  • Minister of Finance
  • Provincial Governments (Provincial Areas)
The cost

The cost of Business License in Vanuatu  vary depending on the turnover of each business activities under each category (Click here to view the schedule).

Under the Act, business licenses are valid for one year and are subject to renewal on or before 31 January of the New licensing Year.

Any business that failed to renew their license on this date will be penalised at the rate of 10% every month until such time the fee is settled.

Non-Citizen Fees

The fee of 100,000 VT per annum payable in respect of non-citizen employees has been removed from the Business Licence fee schedule, and instead has been added to the employee work permit fee payable to the Labour Department. However, the 100,000 VT fee payable in respect of non-citizen principles and partners still applies.

Business License in Vanuatu,  Schedule 2 – Exemption from License

The exemption from Business Licence fees are currently enjoyed by:

  • Artists and sculptors
  • Planters, farmers and dairymen; market and other gardeners; stock breeders, vegetable and fruit hawkers
  • Fishermen

These fees will effectively continue where turnover is below 10m VT per annum. Where turnover is above this level, the same fee will apply as for most other industries. Note that the exemption for export income will continue to apply.

Business License in Vanuatu – Foreign Investors

Any Foreign Investor wishing to invest in Vanuatu must obtain the following documents before applying for Business License.

  • Approval Certificate from the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority.
  • Residence Permit from the Immigration Department.
  • Certificate of Business Name or Certificate of Incorporation from Vanuatu Financial Service Commission (VFSC)


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Business license in Vanuatu

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