Benefits of offshore company registration in NetherlandsCompany registration in Netherlands. A new company can get numerous benefits of offshore company registration in Netherlands. Netherlands is located in the western part of Europe on the North Sea coast. The capital city of Netherlands is Amsterdam. The country is distinguished by a highly developed economy and infrastructure. The Dutch economy ranks 16th in the world, due to the economic stability and the country ‘s membership in organisations such as the WTO and the Council of Europe.

Netherlands is one of the oldest and reputable offshore worldwide centres specialising in various industries such as financial, management, insurance, shipbuilding etc.  Netherlands – offshore, has in its arsenal of about 60 agreements on avoidance of double taxation, including countries such as USA, Japan, Sweden , Germany, UK , CIS , etc.

Benefits of offshore company registration in NetherlandsAccording to the legal forms all companies of the Netherlands are divided into several categories: closed limited liability company, public limited companies, trust companies and associations. The main forms of registration of offshore companies in the Netherlands are joint stock companies of opened and closed types. The second most common type is the holding companies. All holding companies in the Netherlands are exempt from taxation. Quite interesting is the opportunity to get tax exemption – is to realise capital gains through placement of shares of subsidiaries . The minimum share capital of the subsidiary is 5%.

The name of the company must be different to any previous company registered in a similar field. The name must not associate with any famous brands, the royal family, the government etc.

Accounting of a company is required. Financial statements must be prepared annually for five months after the end of the financial year and submitted to the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce for 8 days after its approval by the general meeting of shareholders or members. Audit is also required and must be carried out by local certified public accountant.

Benefits of offshore company registration in NetherlandsOverall, the benefits of offshore company registration in Netherlands include:

  • Zero tax rates for holding companies with foreign subsidiaries representation;
  • No exchange controls;
  • No requirement for annual meetings of directors and shareholders;
  • Non-taxable dividends.
  • Advantage jurisdiction as a member of the EU;
  • Possibility to register as a holding company;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Use of nominee directors and shareholders.