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Register Overseas Entities in UK

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Register Overseas Entities in UK What is a Overseas Entities ? It is a legal entity, such as a company or other organization, that has a legal personality and is governed by the laws of a country or territory outside the UK. Ireland is an overseas jurisdiction for the Overseas Registry. The Register of Overseas Entities came […]

New Zealand Offshore Company

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New Zealand Offshore Company Is New Zealand a Tax haven offshore country? No, New Zealand is not offshore country or tax haven country, however there are possibilities to create a company structures which operate as offshore business entities. What types of New Zealand Offshore Company exclude of taxation? New Zealand Limited Partnerships and New Zealand […]

Offshore Company in Nevis

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Facts That You Are Probably Unaware of Nevis offshore corporation After the financial crisis of 2008, a global concerted crackdown began on all offshore finance centers and Nevis was no exception but somehow, Nevis managed to emerge unscathed from these upheavals. It has managed to reassure all the law enforcement agencies that all the transactions […]

Starting an offshore company in Seychelles

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Offshore company in Seychelles  Your Guide to Start An Offshore Company in Seychelles Situated on the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is a grouping of 115 islands that are traced towards the East African coastline and northeastern region of Madagascar. The capital city of the islands is Victoria; the official currency, Seychelles rupee (SCR); and official languages, […]

Opening a merchant account for your offshore company

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Opening a merchant account. Why You Need to Open an Offshore Merchant Account Why You Need to Open an Offshore Merchant Account Offshore Merchant Account: Overview An offshore merchant account is a kind of bank account that was introduced for e-merchants who are based in a foreign country, and not the home country. The purpose […]

Different types of offshore jurisdictions

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Advantages of Different Offshore Jurisdictions There are several offshore destinations around the world, thereby, giving the investors a wide choice to take their pick from. However, you must know that different offshore jurisdictions offer varied benefits. Thus, as a foreign enterpriser, you are advised to study the special incentives that the diverse countries are offering […]

Form a company in Barbados

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Form a company in Barbados Planning to Open an Offshore company in Barbados? Check out these facts Planning to Open an Offshore company in Barbados? Check out these facts There are several reasons why you may consider opening an offshore company. The primary advantages of an offshore set up are tax benefits, asset protection, lawsuit […]

LP in Scotland

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Why Scottish LP are Still A Good Investment Option for Foreign Investor? In the last few months, things have certainly not been working in the favor of Scottish LPs. Scottish LPs have attracted a lot of media attention of late but all for the wrong reasons. The increasing level of money laundering activities that have […]

Uruguay Offshore Company. Corporate Structure.

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Uruguay offshore company Steps to Set Up An Offshore Company in Uruguay In South America, Uruguay (officially referred to as the ‘Oriental Republic of Uruguay’) is a popular offshore jurisdiction with robust financial markets. As a foreign investor, you can hold your foreign assets or transact internationally through Uruguayan entities, such as Sociedadde Responsabilidad Limitada […]

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