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Bahamas Offshore Trust. First of all, what is a trust? A trust is simply an arrangement that gives another individual or organization the right to hold and manage certain assets on behalf of the beneficiary or beneficiaries of the assets. Sometimes the owner of the asset could also be among the beneficiaries of his or her trust. Trusts can be arranged in several ways and a trust can also have several terms and stipulations which include what each beneficiary stands to get until the asset is finally passed to the beneficiaries.

The idea of forming trusts is becoming more widely accepted because of some of its inherent benefits. The first and the most important one is that it is easier and faster for beneficiaries to gain access to assets through a trust than through a will. Not only that, assets in a trust can change hands outside probate and this saves a whole lot of estate taxes, court fees and time.

Trust also helps to control your wealth as you can set up a revocable trust stipulating who manages what asset, who gets what and when beneficiaries can take over. This makes your trust accessible to you while you are still alive and it also helps in complicated situations like in a polygamous family.

Legacy protection is another major advantage of trust since it protects your properties from adept automatic beneficiaries and creditors. For example, in some parts of Africa, a man’s first son automatically takes over his father’s assets upon his father’s demise. In most situations, the son usually lacks the knowledge and experience to manage the inherited assets. Since the management and transfer of assets in a trust can take place without any probate, the privacy of those assets can still be preserved.

An offshore trust is a regular trust that is established under offshore jurisdiction laws. Bahamas offshore trusts stand out because it has additional advantages apart from the general benefits of trusts. The biggest advantage of offshore trust in Bahamas is that it is fully exempted from taxation. That alone is a big reason you should consider Bahamas offshore trust formation since millions of dollars can be saved from this exemption.

Another major advantage of Bahamas trust that should be mentioned is that Bahamas offshore trust formation does not have any requirement whatsoever. Sounds too good to be, doesn’t it? It is very true! After forming a trust in Bahamas, you can rest assured since trust laws in Bahamas is well regulated, enforced, regularly reviewed and amended.

Finally, when you establish a trust in Bahamas, you do not need to bother about your head about estate duty of inheritance tax, capital gains tax or any other form of taxation as they are not required at all. Apart from exemption from taxes, Bahamas offshore trust does not have any reporting requirements at all.

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