Belize Offshore Company

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belize FlagBelize Offshore Company (Belize IBC)

Belize offshore company fees are substantially lower than those in the other offshores as you may know and we try to keep our own pricing in Belize consistent with this philosophy. We are able to offer you pricing of US$600 for the incorporation of a Belize company, including government fees. The incorporation package we will deliver to you includes:

  • Original Certificate of incorporation,
  • Two original, stamped copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation,
  • Registered agent / registered office services for a full year,
  • All government incorporation fees,
  • Sample inaugural minutes,
  • Share Register form, and
  • Appointment of First Director

Belize offshore company are permitted to issue Bearer Shares (if their M&As are written to permit that) and there is no additional charge to incorporate a company with this ability. The restriction is that any Bearer Shares must be held in the files of the Registered Agent (effective January 1. 2013). When and if a Bearer Share company is required, we should be specifically advised that the company is to be formed with M&AA that permit Bearer Shares, as our standard M&AA do not include that provision. The pricing is the same as for non Bearer Share companies.

BRIS GROUP can provide Belize resident nominee directors as well as nominee shareholders. We can also assist with opening bank accounts in Belize.

Annual fees in succeeding years for Belize offshore company will be $550 per year for a basic company, inclusive of all registered agent, registered office and government fees.

The above fees do assume a ‘standard’ Belize IBC, with up to US $50,000 in authorised capital (or equivalent amount in any other currency at the time of formation) and all shares having a par value.  Should a ‘non-standard’ Belize offshore company be required, substantial additional government fees can apply, although we charge the same amount for our work in forming the company and providing Registered Agent, Registered Office, Apostille and Nominee services.

Formation of a Belize offshore company is simple and straightforward. Once we have established a business relationship with you in Belize, you need only contact us, reserve an available name for the company and provide any necessary KYC documentation. The incorporation process usually takes one business day. When an Apostille is also required, this adds an additional 2 to 3 days to the process.

We do require background due diligence on our clients before commencing a business relationship, in accordance with international practice and current Belize guidelines.