Why does your business need an offshore bank account?

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Offshore Bank.

Any business company planning to go international will consider the benefits of opening an offshore bank account with a foreign bank. There is of course a big difference between using a local and foreign banks for business operations.

Why does your business need an offshore bank account?Why should you open an international or offshore bank account?

There are many benefits that opening an international or offshore bank account can bring your business.

Why does your business need an offshore bank account?

High level of confidentiality

Opening a foreign bank account in an offshore or onshore jurisdiction will significantly protect the level of your privacy.

Without a court request no foreign bank will provide a single line or piece of information about you to any third party, including the tax authorities of a particular jurisdiction. The employees of foreign banks in jurisdictions such as Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg are criminally responsible for dissemination of confidential information about their customers.

Client information may only be disclosed by a decision of the local court in a criminal case or a case involving money laundering. The private information may be disclosed only in exceptional cases where the authorities are convinced that the request is justified under criminal investigation, associated with a tax crime.

Nevertheless, every professional bank conducts its own review of due diligence and strictly controls all operations of each client. If you open a foreign or offshore bank account for your company, the bank will then immediately take an interest not only in a description of your business, but also the planned turnover. Banks value their licenses and a good name, therefore they will never take a risk in the interests of a certain client.

Why does your business need an offshore bank account?

Multi currency account

Having an international foreign or offshore bank account is not a way to hide your assets but to protect them and to be able to seamlessly conduct your business operations in a foreign currency. With a foreign offshore bank you can easily open a multi currency account and will transfer funds to wherever you want and whomever you want. That can significantly affect the business in a very positive way.

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