Marshall Islands Company Registration

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Marshall Islands Company registration

Marshall Islands flagRecently the Vice President of Marshall Island, Charles McHardy, has announced the growth of the offshore sector will be addressed in order to successfully build more publicity and awareness of this area.

Figures show that growth of shipping since October 2012 has been vast estimating 2780 ships being registered, there has also been a rise in offshore fleet over the past five years estimated at 71% increase.  If the popularity is set to continue Marshall Islands could find themselves in the center of much more popularity within offshore registration sector expanding itself from the ship registration.

Although they are based on US law the Marshall Island law enables use of Britain styled corporate management they have zero tax which lawfully exempts non-resident from paying corporate taxes on income and assets. An entity formed in the Marshall Islands is completely simple and the corporate documents can be issued in as quick as one day.

Marshall Islands flagKnicks and Knacks of Marshall Islands Company Registration

Located in between Hawaii and Indonesia, the Marshall Islands in a wonderful destination with glorious coconut trees, sandy beaches and crystal clear lagoons! One would consider Marshall Islands as a paradise for stress-free holidays and recreational activities. This can be attributed to its colourful corals, tropical marine life and breath taking turtle farms. With this being said, Marshall Islands is a great destination for foreign companies and investors. If you are planning to invest on Marshall Island’s offshore possibilities, look no further!

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Tax Rewards of Marshall Islands Company

According to standard rules and regulations, all non-resident Marshall Investors are exempt from different types of taxes. They can rejoice over various tax reductions and monetary benefits. For Marshall Islands Company Registration, only one director and shareholder is required. The director can serve as a corporate or individual body. However, director and shareholder registers are not shared with anyone. Anonymity is a feature that distinguishes Marshall Islands Company Registration from many other tax havens. You will be astonished to note that any onshore or offshore business in the island is likely to cross lucrative revenues every year. Also, the registration takes only from one to two complete working days. This is the fastest you can aim for during offshore company registration.

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Professional Help with Marshall Islands Company

If you wish to complete Marshall Islands Company Registration as quickly as possible, you should get hold of a skilled and experienced agent. Make sure the agent knows all about the island and its regulations. Secondly, you should choose a reliable bank with branches in different parts of the world. One of the finest banks for offshore registration would be HSBC. You must incorporate the Marshall Islands Company with the bank account smartly.

Marshall Islands Company Registration promises high public security and confidentiality. Your details will not be revealed to anyone. In most cases, details of the director, shareholder and other registers are not advertised or disclosed publicly.

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The Investment in Marshall Islands Company

Regardless of your Marshall Islands Company registration, a minimum share capital should be made! An authorized share capital would be 500 shares or a monetary investment of 50,000 USD. Meanwhile, shares can be anything like preference shares, registered shares, shares with or without voting facilities, redeemable shares and shares with or without par value.

On the whole, Marshall Islands is a challenging place for offshore companies. Based on the decisions you make, your ultimate turnaround will increase remarkably.

Marshal Islands Company Formation

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