Mauritius company registration. Types of Companies.

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Mauritius company registration

Mauritius is a small island on the map near the southeastern coast of Africa to the north- east of Madagascar. For over one hundred years Mauritius was a British colony, but has retained the French customs, laws and language. In 1968 Mauritius became an independent state within the Commonwealth and today is considered one of the most prosperous countries in the Indian Ocean. Currently, Mauritius is a democratic republic, headed by the Prime Minister. Government members are elected every five years.

Mauritius is equipped with business and communications infrastructure, has a dynamic economy. The government has also encouraged foreign investment and the offshore activity thrives with the help of the Board of Investment.

Mauritius company types:

–      Mauritius Private Company Limited by Shares

–      Mauritius Company Limited by Guarantee

–      Mauritius Public Company Limited by Shares

–      Mauritius Foreign Company

–      Mauritius GBC1 Company – Offshore Company

–      Mauritius GBC2 – International Company

–      Mauritius Limited Life Company

–      Mauritius General Partnership

–      Mauritius Limited Partnership

–      Mauritius Sole Proprietorship

–      Mauritius Trusts

For the purposes of tax planning in Mauritius, you can register the company in two legal forms: GBC 1 and GBC 2.

GBC 1 (Mauritius Global business category 1) is a tax resident company of Mauritius. These companies fall under the international treaty on the avoidance of double taxation between Mauritius and other countries, such as China and India, which creates favourable conditions for investment in these countries .

GBC 2 (Mauritius Global business category 2) is an offshore international business companies that are exempt from tax in Mauritius. Such companies are often used to trade as well as for investment purposes. They cannot use the agreement on avoidance of double taxation. Beneficial owners are not disclosed.

The Mauritius company registration process is simple, no matter whether you opt for company GBC1 (resident company) or GBC2 (IBC). If the company is structured properly, it can be an effective, inexpensive, legally appropriate in tax optimisation company for your business.


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Mauritius company formation, Mauritius offshore company

Mauritius Company Registration

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