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What Makes Cook Islands Apt for Offshore Trade?

There are several reasons behind the fame of Cook Islands as a destination for offshore establishments. If you are wondering whether you should kick start an offshore company in Cook Islands or not, look no further. Here are few impressive reasons on why Cook Islands is extremely famous amongst offshore investors.

According to experienced investors, Cook Islands will let you engage in lucrative business activities without disclosing any information about the shareholders or directors. In fact, any non-resident director from different parts of the world can start an offshore company in Cook Islands. This is what distinguishes Cook Islands from the rest.

A Tax Haven for Offshore Company in Cook Islands

Do you know Cook Islands is an amazing tax haven? The sensational country features zero taxation on all forms of dividends, income, compensation, profits, royalties and several other forms of revenue. The country creates a safe and financially secure ambiance for international business companies. Almost all kinds of profits are exempt from various types of taxation. On the other hand, residents are forced to pay 20% of their income as tax.

To be more precise, local residents should pay taxes for every profit they make. This is why Cook Islands is a great place for those who want tax benefits. Above all, the country has accepted to implement the enticing OECD Exchange of Information Treaty, along with its 11 other treaties.

Amazing Banking Opportunities

Another reason why you should opt for an offshore company in Cook Islands would be its amazing banking opportunities. The company lets potential investors choose from a wide range of offshore banking possibilities. From the time of inception to making profits worth several million dollars, you will find the Island’s banking theories interesting and useful.

There are many well established banks in the Island for offshore investors. This includes FBME and HSBC Bank. As you avail facilities from these banks, you will save both time and resources.

Confidentiality, Quick Registration!

Last but certainly not least, offshore companies in Cook Islands enjoy high levels of confidentiality. You can promote or start businesses without any obligations. Of course, you can own shares without being worried about the ownership details. Such levels of anonymity are appreciated by all business owners. On the other hand, you can complete the entire registration process in less than two days.
This makes Cook Islands a quick option for offshore establishments.


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Offshore Company in Cook Islands

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