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Located between Hawaii and Indonesia, Marshall Islands is a wonderful place for offshore investments. Would you believe if someone told you Marshall Islands enjoys the third fastest and largest growing registry in the planet? It is an amazing destination for investments and offshore opportunities. Offshore company in Marshall Islands –  International Business Company is meant for performing trade and business oriented activities outside the country. And, if you want to kick start an offshore company as soon as possible, Marshall Islands is your cup of tea. With flexible rules and straightforward routines, the country has drafted a smooth pathway for ambitious offshore business owners.

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Offshore Company in Marshall Islands – Impressive Qualities

If you wish to start an offshore company in Marshall Islands, you can be a director from anywhere. You are not expected to be a local resident in the country. However, the country requires at least one director and you are not expected to appoint a regional director. Secondly, the offshore company requires shareholders. Just like the directors, shareholders of an offshore company in Marshall Islands can be of any nationality. In fact, they can live and operate from anywhere too. Conversely, every offshore company should have at least one shareholder, who can serve as the director too. Marshall Islands doesn’t have an upper bound on how many shareholders a company can have. To start an offshore venture in the country, you must invest a standard share capital of 1000 USD. Luckily, you can pay the share capital in any currency.

A lot of people love to invest in Marshall Islands for its private and confidential nature. Every company should have a registered office, agent and company secretary. However, details of the company or its shareholders will not appear in the public records. If you wish to learn about the shareholders, you must follow a standard set of legal procedures.

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Offshore Company in Marshall Islands – Benefits!

Here are few interesting qualities of an offshore company or trade in the Marshall Islands:

1)      The company is not expected to maintain accounting details.

2)      The offshore destination doesn’t have file financial statements or accounts.

3)      The offshore destination is not expected to maintain corporate tax returns or audited accounts.

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Offshore Company in Marshall Islands – Making Investments!

Here are few interesting reasons on why you will find Marshall Islands Company useful:

1)      You can own ships.

2)      You can start bank accounts, investment plans and fixed deposits.

3)      You can trade services and products.

4)      You can buy real estate properties.