Offshore Company in Mauritius

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Offshore company in Mauritius

Offshore Company in MauritiusOffshore Company in Mauritius – A Tax Haven

Over the past few years, Mauritius has evolved to be a powerful and premier international business destination for novice entrepreneurs. The country has grown in leaps and bounds when it comes to offshore development. This can be attributed to its socio economic development and unprecedented growth in financial matters. Of course, political stability is another interesting trait of Mauritius. It welcomes businessmen and foreign investors with an open heart. To add more value and meaning, Mauritius has an incredible jurisdiction for offshore company formation. The jurisdiction revolves around security and extensive levels of reliability. These are interesting benefits all offshore investors dream of playing with!

Offshore Company in Mauritius

Offshore Company in Mauritius  – An Idyllic Pick

The Mauritian economy encourages offshore activities and foreign investments. The Board of Investment has several schemes and regulations to promote rapid offshore company formation. In fact, the government has designed many incentives to help foreign investors. These legislations are solid and extremely user friendly. Of course, they have contributed drastically to the rise of the financial service center in Mauritius.

There are several thousand offshore entities in the country with strong goals and discreet profit margins. Very few offshore destinations allow investors to make such plans. If you want a destination that promises both confidentiality and trustworthiness, Mauritius is your idyllic pick.

Offshore Company in Mauritius

Offshore Company in Mauritius  – The Two Different Options

Forming an offshore company in the country is loaded with many scintillating benefits. Formation is straightforward and simple, regardless of the kind of company you wish to start. Mauritius will let you choose from two different companies, namely a Resident Company or an Offshore Company. Offshore companies are also known as “GBC2” organization. If they are structured carefully, the organization will be tax efficient, low cost and legally verified.

Offshore Company in Mauritius

Offshore Company in Mauritius  – The Benefits

There are many benefits in starting a GBC2 company. Here is a quick walk through these advantages:

1)      The business owners are free from repatriation of income and profits.

2)      The offshore company is not forced to pay stamp duty or transfer shares.

3)       Mauritius offers high levels of data privacy and security.

4)      Foreigners can open companies in the country without the help of a local nominee.

5)      You need only one director and a single shareholder to start the offshore company.

6)      Mauritius doesn’t demand for accounting or reporting requirements from offshore companies.

7)      If required, you can convert the offshore company to an onshore organization!

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