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Offshore service provider. In order to create and establish a strong business income and obtain a reliable financial privacy as well as asset protection from lawsuits, creditors and divorce, excellent privacy laws and banking jurisdictions are essentially required for a reputable offshore company.

Nevertheless, establishing or creating a company offshore may be quite a heinous task to undertake. Today, there are quite a number of orders available on the net; however, it is your duty to ensure that your company is legitimately served by a trusted company.

For quite some time now, Bris Group is a renowned offshore service provider that has been in the business of organising credible offshore company formation. Bris Group is an assemblage of highly experienced professionals who are qualified specialists in offshore company registration.

Bris Group has great experience with business in offshore and helps to provide instructions and modalities needed by prospective clients who are seeking to own offshore ready-made company. As a specialist offshore company formation organization, Bris Group which is located in London, UK is capable of providing excellent offshore company formation services in more than 50 countries around the world.

Bris Group Logo

Offshore service provider

As a licensed offshore service provider, Bris Group operates with strict compliance with the regulatory standards in view of providing quality service and safeguards our clients’ interest. We do not operate as agents but as a reliable independent organisation.

We specialise in providing credible offshore company registration services in over 50 countries in the world. In addition, we provide relevant support needed to effectively start, run and maintain offshore companies. Our professionals which comprise of lawyers, bankers and accountants, are actively equipped to provide clients with solid assistance which include provision of the Registered Address, licensing applications, company management and administration services as well as Registered Agents, directors and shareholders.

Our clients include both individuals and corporate organizations. Professional clients such as accountants, tax consultants, company agents and lawyers are also welcomed. We stand out from the rest with a high degree of competence and commitment.

As a reputable offshore service provider, Bris Group has gained reputation for establishing and administering exceptional offshore companies, trusts and bank accounts with have helped to protect clients’ assets from lawsuits, creditors, judgments and divorce.

Owing to the fact that we do not operate as agents or middlemen, our clients are bound to enjoy excellent offshore services at low cost. We provide our clients with direct offshore company formation services from our office. Bris Group has gained lot of quality experience from a long term existence in the offshore incorporation business, which has helped us built an extensive network of affiliate offices in other offshore jurisdictions.

We have also got a stock of ready-made offshore companies for sale to prospective clients who are willing to own or desire to operate them.

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