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online offshore businessOnline offshore business

What makes a company stand out from its competitors at a first glance especially in online offshore business? It’s the name of your have chosen for it. Choosing the right company name for your business can be a very important factor in attracting new customers. The widespread use of Internet around the world implies the choice of a company name to be “internet/world wide web friendly”. Nevertheless, the name must be simple, unique and recognisable. What are the factors that make a potential client chose your company over other competitors by simply looking at your company name?

In order to make real marketing impact on your potential client over the Internet the name of your company must be simple and friendly. It must be easy to find it in a search engine and shorten the search time as much as possible.

online offshore business

What are the key aspects you should look out for when choosing a name for your online offshore business:

1)    Unique and associative

When you choose a unique name for your online offshore business the web search will lead you to your particular website avoiding mixing with other companies. The name might also include a word that is associated with the business your company leads.

2)    Short and clear

The name of an offshore company for online businesses should be short and clear that would be memorable to your clients, which in turn will facilitate the search for your company on the internet.

3)    Logical and emotive

When choosing a title for your online offshore business company it must be logical and emotive. The main aim of branding is to create an emotional connection with your target market. When the name fits your business logically, it also means that it creates an emotional connection.

4) Keywords intended primarily for online business

If your company is highly dependent on on-line activities, you need to think about the key words in the company name, web address, company and website content. In the era of search engine optimisation, you definitely want to choose a name for your company that would come up first in the search screen.