Organisational types of offshore companies

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Types of offshore companies.

There are several organisational types of offshore companies:

Speech Bubble IconPrivate Limited Company or Ltd

It is most common type of organizational form of offshore companies – Limited liability company. In other countries, can be used reduce Gmbh, Sarl, Co, Corp, Inc, Pte Ltd, Sdn Bhd, NV, etc.

Speech Bubble IconLimited Liability Company or LLC

It is a hybrid legal form of business. It has some features of both corporations and partnerships. Like the shareholders of a corporation, the liability of LLC members is limited to their contribution to the statutory fund. However, in contrast to the shareholders of the corporation LLC participants run its activities directly.

Speech Bubble IconLimited Liability Partnership or LLP

This is a legal form of business that combines properties of a partnership and a corporation. Like the shareholders of the corporation, the liability of LLP  members is limited. LLP form is useful when all participants are going to take an active part in management of a company.

Speech Bubble IconLimited partnership – for example, Scottish Partnership – SLP

If your company follows a number of set simple rules simple SLP is completely exempt from taxes. It can be used instead of a traditional offshore when working with countries where there are strict anti-offshore legislation.

Speech Bubble IconHybrid company

Hybrid company is a company where the liability of its members is limited by a warranty or guarantee. In a company that is limited by a guarantee the founders are not required to invest any funds. Instead, they only make a certain amount of guaranteed money to cover the company’s liabilities.

Speech Bubble IconUnlimited Company

In case of a bankruptcy of the company founders are responsible for its obligations with all its assets. Therefore, these companies are rarely used. Their use is limited to situations where the risk of bankruptcy is minimal.

Speech Bubble IconSome offshore jurisdictions allow special types of companies:

  • Private Trust Company;
  • A company with a limited duration;
  • A company with restricted purposes (SPV);
  • Private Foundation.

Types of offshore companies

If you would like to form any of the above types of offshore companies we would be happy to provide you such services based on your individual requirements fast, simple and at a low cost.