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bulgaria FlagAdvantages of Bulgaria Company

Bulgaria Company – Bulgaria has one of the lowest tax rates at only 10% corporate tax Bulgaria holds very good prospects for an international offshore business venture.To establish a Bulgarian entity can prove very simple, you require a minimum of one shareholder and one director and corporate directors and shareholders are permitted. Directors or shareholders need not be resident in Bulgaria.  The registration cost is very cheap and can be completed within a matter of days.

Although the company registry is publicly accessible nominee directors are permitted in Bulgaria meaning that confidentiality and security can be maintained.

You can create a LLC in Bulgaria which excludes non-residents to pay high taxes and can provide a great foundation for your expansion into the offshore world.

We provide a full company set up in Bulgaria with a bank account call to get a professional consultation from one of our experts about how a Bulgaria LLC can benefit you.

bulgaria FlagBenefits of Bulgaria Company

Over the past few years, Bulgaria has evolved to be an interesting choice for new business owners. This can be attributed to its strategic location. Bulgaria is wonderfully surrounded by Serbia, Macedonia, Romania and the Black Sea. It is the 14th largest European nation with lucrative options for economic growth, heavy industries and agriculture. If you are planning to start a company in Bulgaria, consider yourself as lucky. This is because there are plenty of advantages in starting a Bulgaria Company.

Here is a quick walk through few prominent advantages of Bulgaria Company Formation.

bulgaria FlagBenefit #1 of Bulgaria Company  – Simplicity

Firstly, Bulgaria makes business formation simple and straightforward. When it comes to Bulgaria Company Formation, you require a minimal capital of 1 Euro! This makes the entire registration process easy. Often, the entire registration requires less than few weeks. According to experienced businessmen, Bulgaria Company Formation is a preplanned routine that takes only two weeks. Also, you can open the company without being present in the country! All that you need would be a reliable attorney with all prerequisite powers. Another impressive factor that makes Bulgaria an ideal destination for company formation would be “low running costs”. Once the company gets registered, you will not be forced to take up financial obligations.

bulgaria FlagBenefit #2 of Bulgaria Company – Low Corporate Taxes

The list of advantages of Bulgaria Company Formation would remain incomplete without “low corporate taxes”. In Bulgaria, companies are taxed based on its profit. The calculations don’t take into consideration the turnover. To be more specific, only the real profit is taxed at a rate of 10%.

bulgaria FlagBenefit #3  of Bulgaria Company – Low Employment Cost

Bulgaria delights businessmen and entrepreneurs with very low employment costs. Social insurances and salaries are predominantly low in Bulgaria. You can hire high quality workmanship at rock bottom rates. Most businessmen are astonished by the quality of work and skill possessed by Bulgaria personnel.

bulgaria FlagBenefit #4 of Bulgaria Company – Diversity

Moving on, you can invest in many sectors. Bulgaria is a budding nation with plenty of opportunities for creative people with rich ideas. If you want to make investments in fields like education, manufacturing, healthcare, production from renewable sources, development, computer technologies or research; Bulgaria is your ultimate destination. The Bulgarian business market attracts most engineering and medical science industries.

bulgaria FlagBenefit #5 of Bulgaria Company Formation – Competitive Edge

Last but certainly not least, you will have a competitive advantage in the market. This can be attributed to the low monthly compensation, low operational cost and highly skilled workforce. Bulgaria Company Formation