Benefits of an Offshore Company in Saint Vincent

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Benefits of an Offshore Company in Saint Vincent

St. Vincent and Grenadines alias SVG is a beautiful island in the wonderful Caribbean borders with Venezuela in its Northeastern Coast. With around 17,000 local residents and plenty of scope for economic growth; SVG is a great destination for offshore ventures. You will be astonished to note that St. Vincent falls in line with famous offshore jurisdictions that abide to the Law on Foreign Companies alias IBC.

If you are new to offshore opportunities, the next few lines will lend you a hand of help. Here are few reasons and advantages in starting an offshore company in Saint Vincent.

Basic Rewards of an Offshore Company in Saint Vincent!

First of all, you can start an offshore company with just one director. The director can be a legal person or an individual. Unlike many other offshore destinations, Saint Vincent delights entrepreneurs with amazing tax benefits. Most offshore companies are free from tax for nearly 25 years. Saint Vincent doesn’t ask for local reports or annual documents from IBCs. Local authorities are expected to follow a tacky procedure when they wish to gain more information about an offshore company.

Moving on, International Business Companies in Saint Vincent can be managed from anywhere. In fact, stamps and documents can be held anywhere in the globe.

Untold Advanced Benefits of an Offshore Company in Saint Vincent

A lot of people are unaware of few untold benefits in starting an offshore company in Saint Vincent. Here is a quick walk through these advantages:

1)      Shareholders are not burdened with liability. In fact, limited liability is a key selling point of offshore companies in Saint Vincent.

2)      Bearer shares are not mandatory in Saint Vincent.

3)      An offshore company in Saint Vincent can issue shares with interesting levels of restrictions, rights and limitations.

4)      You are not expected to publish financial records or external audits. This removes a massive burden from managers and secretaries.

5)      There is no starting limit on share capital! You can register offshore companies with just 1 USD! Doesn’t this sound too good to be true?

6)      Except on property investments, Saint Vincent has no limitations on how you make investments. There are loan limits or restrictions on how dividends are paid.

On the whole, the idea of starting an offshore company in Saint Vincent is very interesting. There is so much to be learnt and understood from the offshore destination. This is what makes SVG an impressive option for offshore companies.


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