Where to register an offshore holding company?

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An offshore holding company.

An offshore holding company. In today’s blog we will continue looking at offshore holding companies by answering the following question: What is the best offshore jurisdiction to register an offshore holding company?

News IconWhat to look for in an offshore jurisdiction for establishing an offshore holding company?

Choice of jurisdiction for the establishment of a holding company primarily depends on the tax benefits provided . Traditionally, the following jurisdictions are use more often to form a holding company: Netherlands, Cyprus, Denmark, Luxembourg, and Spain.  As mentioned previously, holding company is a company that controls a set of subsidiaries and receives revenues in form of dividends. Therefore, one of the main issues here would be to find a country with the best tax environment.

Establishing a holding company offshore will also help to maximise revenues of your business of any activities.

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Important questions to answer before registering an offshore holding company

Here are some of the questions you need to ask before registering an offshore holding company.

  • Is there an avoidance of double taxation agreement signed between the countries?
  • How big the tax for the dividends payment will be upon receiving them from a subsidiary?
  • What are the conditions for exemption from taxation on profits as dividends?
  • What is the amount of tax to be paid on dividends received by an offshore holding company?

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Differences in legislation in establishing an offshore holding company

Different countries have different requests on registration of holding companies. For example, European countries having no specific legislation on holding companies can provide a big advantage of the absence of restrictions on the activities of the subsidiaries of the holding company.

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