Registering a company in Malta

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Registering a Company in Malta.

Malta flag Registering a company in Malta

Registering a company in Malta can be a wise decision for anyone looking for tax reduction, asset protection or wealth accumulation. The Republic of Malta is among those who purposefully create favourable conditions for the development of business relations, while at the same time pursuing to establish the lowest tax rates. This helps to attract a vast amount of businessmen registering their companies in Malta.

Malta is a peaceful democratic state, which actively cooperates with the European Union countries and sells its products in the Common Market. Despite the small size of its territory, Malta has managed to develop a large modern infrastructure and has boosted its economy to unprecedented heights. The national currency Lira – is one of the most stable currencies in the world.

It is impossible not to mention the fact that in recent years Malta has made a great leap in online gaming activities. Being oriented to external markets, Malta has registered more than 300 gaming companies, which represents about 10% of all the websites dedicated to online games.

Malta is one of the low-tax European jurisdictions. Malta is not regarded as a “classic offshore ” like Dominica, Seychelles or BVI. The main distinguishing feature of the modern Maltese economy – is its booming offshore business.

Malta flag Registering a company in Malta is a quick and easy process. You can create two types of offshore companies

  1. International trade companies. The most popular type of companies. Such companies have the right to engage in any type of commercial activities but only outside Malta.
  2. International holding companies. These companies are engaged in administrative activities; ownership of copyrights, trademarks, marine vessels, etc., have the right to receive its income from investments in other companies outside of Malta, and, nevertheless, can conduct business activities with other international holding companies on the island.

Confidentiality. Data available about the director, but the identity of shareholders is not disclosed. There is the possibility of using nominee service. In this case, the information can only be opened by a court decision.

Company structure:

  • The minimum number of directors: one (person or entity)
  • Company secretary is required (must be resident of Malta)
  • Minimum number of shareholders: two ( in some cases allowed to have one shareholder)
 All companies are registered in Malta in accordance with the Companies Act 1995. The company name must end with Limited or abbreviation LTD. A company is required to deliver reporting and audit.