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Gibraltar offshore is one of entrenched market offshore tax havens of the European industry. Gibraltar is a self-governing territory, but dependent on the UK. There are around 30000 people while the majority are foreigners. Gibraltar is a classic offshore jurisdiction. Companies are not subject to taxation, but are still required to submit annual reports. Offshore in Gibraltar can only be registered by foreign nationals. Gibraltar residents (regardless of place of residence and nationality) are not eligible to register an offshore company.

gibraltar FlagThe country has maintained high confidentiality – closed register of shareholders and directors. Information may be disclosed only by a court order. When using nominee directors and shareholders the true owners of the company in general cannot be identified.

There are several types of companies that can be identified in Gibraltar. Essentially there are Gibraltar companies, non-resident organisations, as well as qualified and free organisation.

gibraltar FlagGenerally, the benefits of offshore companies in Gibraltar are:

• Inexpensive European jurisdiction with the status of the exempt company;

• Low cost of annual support;

• Full exemption from taxes;

• Active support of offshore business by the state;

• Gibraltar is not included in the “black list » FATF;

• Membership in the EU.

gibraltar FlagGibraltar offshore. An important feature of offshore registration in this state is that application to the registering authority here can only be made by a law firm in Gibraltar. Even if you have a lot of experience with paperwork and have opened more than one company, you will still require the services of a third party . It can be very difficult to contact a lawyer from another state, therefore the best way to open an offshore in Gibraltar is to use services of a mediator.