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Offshore Hungary

Hungary is a luxurious European jurisdiction. Hungary is located in the Central Europe; all its rivers belong to the basin of the Danube situated in the heart of Hungary. It borders with many countries, such as Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia.

Traditionally Hungary is not regarded as a tax haven, however, it offers a favourable tax regime for offshore business. There are also a number of other important advantages, including geographical location, transparent and reliable banking system, well-developed infrastructure that is constantly progressing. Unlike in other countries corporate law in Hungary is simple and understandable to everyone. Hungary is a developing country with the law becoming closer to the Western model. Activities of firms in Hungary are regulated by the Companies Act 1988.

Hungary FlagDifferent types of companies to register in offshore Hungary:

  •          Limited Partnership
  •          Partnership with unlimited liability
  •          Limited liability company
  •          Public company with limited liability

In Hungary information on beneficiaries is not public, but if you want to act in complete secretly, then the best option for the founders is to use the services of nominee directors.

Hungary has around 60 agreements on avoidance of double taxation. Hungary is also one of the CMEA member countries, which means that doing business in offshore Hungary is a much easier process, e.g. no visa requirement, no requirement for legalisation of documents through APOSTILLE and so on.

Offshore Hungary provides all the necessary conditions for foreign investors and multinational companies for a successful and profitable business.

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