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Globe IconFew Facts About Tax Avoidance Strategies in EU

Everyone dreams of saving as much as possible! This is one of the major reasons behind the fame and glory of countries with tax benefits. If you are planning to move into an EU nation, there are plenty of ways to save yourself from tax problems. As a ground of ambitious countries, EU has introduced many tax avoidance strategies to help you save your hard earned money. With the formation of EU, the member nations introduced plenty of ways by which you can avoid taxes. These rules were established to differentiate EU member nations from the rest. If you are trying to learn more about tax avoidance strategies in EU, the next few lines will lend you a hand of help.

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For Tax Savvy Investors

It is quite interesting to note that many offshore tax haven destinations have fine-tuned their taxation laws and made their economy investor friendly. Nations like Switzerland have lured and attracted foreign investors and business men with plenty of tax reductions. They have redefined their tax strategies to suffice foreign pressure. In fact, these nations have stringent policies. Many nations in EU have wonderful rules and standards to help tax savvy investors.

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EU Nations and Tax Benefits

  1. 1.  Cyprus

The list of nations with best tax benefits begins with Cyprus. Since early 2004, Cyprus has acquired a firm name in the European financial market. As a budding and developed nation, Cyprus delights businessmen with low corporate tax figures. These figures are as low as 12.5%. According to some investors, this system is equivalent to perfect tax exemption for bigger and better returns. Additionally, Cyprus doesn’t levy tax on interest or outbound dividends.

  1. 2.   Latvia

Another nation that joined EU tax avoidance strategies would be Latvia. It pleases corporates with a tax rate of 15 percent. All profits made by foreign investors through stocks and dividends are free of tax. Also, there are no tax reductions while transferring profits within or to another country.

  1. 3.   Luxembourg

Tax avoidance strategies in EU would remain incomplete without Luxembourg. Being a small country, it has amazing tax opportunities for investors. It is noted that British investors admire Luxembourg for its tax gains. Most investors make plenty of money through capital gains, tax bank interests and investment dividends in Luxembourg.

Tax avoidance strategies in the EU are influenced by both economic and political developments. And, a number of innovative strategies have come up with optimisation in mind!