Choosing a foreign bank account

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Foreign bank account
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Foreign bank account

A foreign bank account is no longer a luxury but a norm that allows you to optimise your daily costs and keep your savings. For example, if you were looking to be employed outside of your country of residence, then it would be the best option to open up a bank account in the destination jurisdiction, allowing you to make large savings on unnecessary transactions as well as to avoid problems with differences in time zones.

Globe IconA foreign bank account can also be used for asset protection

In this case you will need a reliable foreign financial institution with a long history and strong reputation. Such banks can be found not only in Switzerland, as many would assume, but many other European and offshore jurisdictions (where it will also be cheaper).

Finally, another reason for opening an account abroad is for the purpose of earning money. Many entrepreneurs are willing to invest in securities, in which case, an investment account would be the most suitable option. If you want to capitalise on investment products such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. then you should choose a bank with specialisation in this area.

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Suitable banks should be closer to these regions of your business market

The more you are planning to invest, the higher the stability of the bank should be. Also worth noting is that, apart from the amount of money to be invested, it is also important to know well the markets in which you are planning to invest.

For example, if you are interested in American or Asian markets, the most suitable banks to choose should be closer to these regions.

Globe IconEveryone can open a bank account abroad, but it may be not that simple. You will need to gather various documents for a foreign bank, as banks seek to carefully examine their customers and the sources of their funds.

That is why we recommend you to contact the professionals in their field, who will advise and help you with the procedure of opening a foreign bank account.