Getting a second citizenship in Dominica

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Getting a second citizenship in DominicaCitizenship in Dominica – very popular classic offshore, not only for beneficial to create a company for international business, but also easy enough to get a second citizenship. Getting a second citizenship in Dominica – just a simple procedure, but it requires careful approach and compliance with all regulations. Dominica offers the opportunity to get a second passport, as the applicant and spouse (wife) and their minor children. A special feature of Dominica in this issue is the fact that the jurisdiction legally allowed dual citizenship and to obtain it is not necessary to constantly stay in Dominica.

Getting a second citizenship in DominicaTo obtain a second citizenship in Dominica just enough time to visit the country, when it is necessary to come to the interview with the Prime Minister. Before the interview with the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica is necessary to pass a number of procedures and to prepare the necessary documents. You will need to fill out a questionnaire to provide a guarantor declaration and be tested for financial solvency.

Getting a second citizenship in DominicaThe list of documents required to obtain a second citizenship in Dominica include:

  • Application for citizenship to the Minister of Justice.
  • Certified copies of passports and birth certificates of all family members.
  • Certificate of marriage (or termination).
  • Declaration of  the police of the first country of citizenship with the fingerprints of all family members who have attained 16 years of age.
  • Professional recommendation and two recommendation from individuals.
  • Bank reference letter.
  • Employment document certified by professional or certified financial report, if you are an entrepreneur.
  • Certified copy of diploma.
  • Photos for passport for each family member.
  • Declaration of  income.
  • Medical certificate.

Getting a second citizenship in DominicaIf the interview is successful, then in a month  will be issued a document entitled “certificate of naturalization”. In many ways, the period when you can get such a certificate, depending on the country where you live. “Certificate of naturalization” signed by the Ministers of Justice, and from that moment you become a full citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica. A second passport (Passport Dominica) is valid for 10 years. When his term ends, it can be extended for another term by paying a small fee.

Getting a second citizenship in DominicaGetting a second citizenship in Dominica provides a number of advantages guaranteed by the island nation:

  • Firstly, second passport gives you the opportunity to have visa-free visits to 100 countries, including Hong Kong, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein and other European countries. If a Schangen visa is required, you can get it during the day.
  • Secondly, citizenship in Dominica allows you to take advantage of the tax haven. There are no inheritance taxes, income, gift, capital. High level of privacy that is guaranteed by the local authorities, to protect your assets and information about bank accounts and real estate purchased.
  • And thirdly, according to the law of Dominica local authorities are not required to disclose the country of your first passport of dual citizenship in Dominica.