Obtaining a Dominica Gambling License

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The Knack in Obtaining a Dominica Gambling License

Dominica Gambling License – If you wish to start an online poker room, online casino or a sports betting website, you should get hold of appropriate gambling licensures. This should top your list of must-dos for a legal and safe gaming experience in the predestined country. The actual procedure for obtaining gambling licensures differs from one country to another. The rules and regulations are drafted by the concerned government.

Well known offshore jurisdictions that specialize in providing gambling licenses would be the Caribbean and Pacific Island governments. This includes stunning destinations like Antiqua & Barbuda, Vanuatu, Costa Rica, Curacao, St Kitts and Dominica. When you select a jurisdiction for gambling licenses, make sure you keep the license cost and taxation in mind.

Dominica Gambling License – Why Dominica?

A lot of investors prefer the Dominica Gambling license. The beautiful country, located in the stunning Caribbean coast is famous for its tax regime. International businesses are offered many scintillating benefits in the country. Conversely, the gaming industry plays a very important role in Dominica’s economy. You will be astounded to note that nearly 5 million visited Dominica for its out-of-box gambling industry.

Also, it is impressive to note that the country hosts 25,000+ lottery agents. With this being said, sports betting in Dominica has a competitive edge over many other gaming ventures.

The Challenge!

According to experienced investors, the Dominica Gambling license is quite difficult to obtain. This is because online gambling is not monitored or controlled by the small charges act. Dominica has a find-tuned jurisdiction that makes sure gambling licenses are offered to International Business Companies that can make sure it is not accessed by local Dominican players.

This is an interesting rule that makes the process of obtaining the Dominica Gambling License tacky and challenging. Luckily, the Dominica gambling licenses are weakly monitored and can be used

The Authorities!

The Dominica gambling license is issued by the Casino Department of Ministry of Finance. This is a regulated body that governs all the operations. As a legal body, the Ministry of Finance takes care of installation, overhauling, transfer, maintenance and importation. If you wish to engage in lottery operations, you must receive special permissions and licensures from LoteriaNacional.

Originally, the license was restricted only to online sports betting. However, terms and conditions have changed drastically over the past few years. Today, most games of chance are covered by the Dominica Gambling License.


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Dominica Gambling License

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